​Do I need to Have My Vedic Astrology Chart Analyzed?

An analysis of the vedic birth chart is not necessary to have a puja performed, or to receive the benefit of any puja. The merit which is earned by doing a puja will come to fruition at the appropriate time in our life, now or in the future. However, a more precise understanding of our specific karma, and the timetable for the unfoldment of our karma, can be determined by a competent astrologer.

At Eshwar Bhakti, we have a team of highly learned and competent astrologers, who can do detail study of your horoscope chart and would suggest you the perfect remedy which will yield results.

How do I select a Puja?

Please refer to the list of online puja services here. Planetary pujas are commonly requested based on an analysis of one's birth chart.

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