On Krishna Janmashtami (15-Aug-2017) , we had taken a vow to develop a Gaushala (cow shade)  with minimum 10 to 15 cows. 

And the Good News is, we have already purchased the land. Vedic Pundits (priests) have named the Gaushala as " Mangalam Gaushala ". Here are some photos:

Gaushala land Cowshade land
Land for Gaushala Land for Cowshade

Importance of creating Cow Shelters:

  • In the 11th (11.11.43) Canto of Shrimat Bhagwatam , Krishna told his beloved cousin Udhava that he can be worshiped by offering grass and other suitable grains to cows. Worshiping cow is equal to worshiping Krishna.
  • According to Skanda Purana, One can demolish all his sinful acts by simply offering respect to the cows. Krishna is kind with those who save cows and protect them. He is delighted by any effort done to serve a cow and He never even forgets us if we benefit a cow..
  • His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the ISKCON, has said that the happiness of mankind is directly connected to the happiness of the cows. He stated "Because the poor animals are always in anxiety, humanity is also put in anxiety by different strains of hot and cold wars”.
  • Lord Indra said that the milk of cow is Amrit (nectar) and therefore, he who donates cows, donates Amrit. A cow donor is honoured in Heaven.l.
  • According to Mahabharata one who donates a Cow, prevents all calamities ensures no harm is done to him.
  • According to sage Parashar all the misery, troubles, worries, tensions cannot touch a cow donor, such is the importance of cow donation.
  • In Brihat Parashara Smriti (5.26-27) it is said that one who feeds the cow with grass and water every day derives the benefit equivalent to performing Ashwamedha Yajna
  • Protection and reproduction of Mother cow.

Facts about the Gaushala :

Name: Mangalam Gaushala
Location: Bhilwara city, state of Rajasthan, India
Gaushala land: very close to the city, located at a height, near to an upcoming temple and school.
Breed of Cows:  All Desi Indian Cows (no jersey cows)
Expected completion date: December-2017 end
Project cost (excluding land): USD 31,000
Contributions received: USD 13,864 (updated daily)
Minimum accepted donation: USD 3,100 (monthly installments of $500 are also accepted)


We need your Generous Contribution towards:

Sr. No. Description Cost
1. Buying 15 Desi Indian Cows @ $ 1,300 per cow  US$ 19,500
2. Leveling the entire land of 0.12 acres / 5,000 sq ft  US$ 800
3. To create fence and shelter @ $ 1.5 per sq ft  US$ 7,500
4. Construction of warehouse to keep cow's food   US$ 1,000
5. Initial food requirements { green grass and Banta (mixture of Wheat, Sorghum, cluster beans, barley, corn, Staff tree, salt and jaggery) }  US$ 500
6. Water connection and storage development  US$ 900
7. Construction of room for Gausevak (caretaker of the cows)  US$ 500
8. Medicines procurement  US$ 300
Total development cost  US$ 31,000

Upon successful development of the Gaushala:

  1. Each Cow would be named as per Vedic tradition.
  2. A plaque displaying names of the donors will be permanently placed inside the Gaushala..
  3. Will share video clip and photos of the Gaushala.

Consider it as Krishna’s call for taking care of the cows: