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You might have heard about the world-famous 2,000 years old Brahma temple in Pushkar. It’s the oldest, as well. Please see this link:

I would be re-visiting the only Brahma temple, at Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan, from 15th till 17th February. This is my third visit, after repeat requests from clients.

Pushkar is also one of the revered paanch dhaam or pilgrimage sites, with the title of tirth raja or the King of all the Holy Sites in India. With 52 bathing ghats, the Pushkar lake and over 400 baby-blue temples built over different eras and palaces, this city is almost always reverberating hymns, chants, drums and gongs. Pushkar is often described in the scriptures as the only Brahma temple in the world, owing to the curse of Saraswati, and as the "King of the sacred places of the Hindus".

  • The creative principle of the universe is called Brahma in Sanskrit.
  • Brahma is worshipped and invoked particularly by scientists and people in power for generating more creative ideas to serve the world of men and matter.
  • Those who are sitting in power invoke Brahma in order to surrender their ego and produce plans and schemes to serve the nation.
  • Similarly, the research scholars invoke creative inspiration and flashes of new thoughts revealing the secrets of nature.
  • People, who are seekers of great knowledge and consider it to be their true wealth, worship him.
  • For those who want to create wealth worship Him, as money is also a matter, which can be created.
  • Brahma creates new life and He writes people’s destinies.
We are part of the Creator (God) and our true nature is to create something new everyday. Worshipping Brahma is the only way to Lead to Ultimate Creation and Realization of the Purpose of our life.

Puja services offered at Brahma temple and Pushkar Ghats: https://pujayagna.com/products/poojas-at-brahma-temple-pushkar

  1. Brahma Havan: Five brahmins would perform Homam at the sacred Pushkar lake in the morning. It would involve worshipping Lord Brahma and offering oblations to Him. Service fees: $651
  2. Abhishek and Maha Aarti: Abhishek of Pushkar lake with milk and Maha Aarti at the famous Varah Ghat. 3 brahmins would perform it. Service fees: $675
  3. Aarti offering at the temple: The entire day Aartis which comprises of morning, afternoon and evening Aartis would be performed in your name inside the temple. Service fees: $275
  4. Brahmin Bhojan: Offering food and Dakshina to 21 Brahmins. Service fees: $551
Create your life, the way you want !.

Booking closes on 6th February.