• Significance of 108

    Significance of 108 counts in Hinduism

    The chanting or usage of 108 in Hinduism has profound significance. It has a close connection with the repetition of the ... Read more

  • What is Shikha?

    Why Hindus braid hair

    Tying hair as a knot or braid shows devotion, cleanliness, spiritual goal, and personal sacrifice. A Shikha shows a person's ... Read more

  • What is Shagun?

    What is Shagun in a Hindu ceremony

    By offering Shagun, we are inviting good omens, happiness, and auspicious powers into our lives. It is a way of ... Read more

  • What is Mantra?

    Significance of chanting mantra

    Mantra is a sacred utterance, which can be a phoneme, syllable, or a group of words. The concept of Mantra originated ... Read more

  • What is Meditation?

    Whats is Meditation

    Meditation is a tradition that originated in ancient India as an Ayurvedic practice. Currently, meditation has gained wider ... Read more

  • What is Daan?

    Significance of Daan in Hinduism

    Daan refers to charity or providing donations. Whenever someone imparts Daan, he or she must perform it ... Read more

  • Why Saffron Robe?

    Saffron color in Hinduism

    Saffron in Hindi means Bhagwa, which has emerged from the word Bhagwan (God). It is a color worn by saints ... Read more

  • Why do we lit Diya?

    Why to light Diya

    A lamp lit in a dark room will remove the darkness. Symbolically, it is leading the individual to the supreme knowledge ... Read more

  • What is Swastika?

    Swastik symbol

    Swastika refers to good fortune or well being. People often draw Swastika to embrace prosperity, happiness ... Read more

  • What is Shankh?

    What is Shankh

    Shankh is a symbol of cosmic space, and its attribute is sound. The blowing of a Shankh produces vibrations of OM, which ... Read more

  • Why apply Vibhuti?

    Apply Vibhuti on body

    Applying Vibhuti indicates that the human body will turn down to ashes at some point of time. It also destroys our sins and ... Read more

  • Why do we ring Bells?

    Bells in a altar

    Bells are indispensable parts of our religious and spiritual journey. They have a symbolic connection, as well. The body of ... Read more

  • Concept of Tilak

    Tilak in Hinduism

    Tilak is applied mainly on the forehead and also on the neck, hands, as well as on the chest. It is essential to apply ... Read more

  • Significance of OM

    Significance of OM

    OM is also supposed to be the first vibratory sound from the seed or bija of creation. Thus, some philosophers believe that the ... Read more

  • Charanamrita


    Charan means feet and amrit means nectar or Elixir of Life. It is normally found in temples having deities. When the deity is ... Read more