Eshwar Bhakti™ is formed to enrich the world with authentic vedic pujas, homas and yagnas. We specialise in individual and personalised poojas & homam. We have been organizing pujas from the last two generations and brought it to the internet space in the year 2009.

What makes us India's leading puja ritual service provider :ISO certificate for Puja Services

  • Conducted more than 5,100 personalised yagnas ranging from Rudram Chamakam to Ati Rudra to Sahasra Chandi to Kaal Bhairava Homa.
  • First ISO 9001:2015 certified Puja Services organisation in the world. Know more
  • Specialization in result-oriented pujas, attracted thousands of testimonials from people across the world.
  • It always rains when we do large scale yagnas, indicating the success of the puja.
  • The founder of Eshwar Bhakti™ has strong connections with the MahaMandaleshwar, Shankarcharyas, MathaDeeshas, Acharyas, Shastris and Karmakandi pundits across India. Know more
  • Pioneer to release the authentic YagyaShala design in the public. Know more
  • We provide the best customer service in the industry. We understand you are choosing an important way to get your special message reach the deities, or protect your life in an emergency.

In May 2016, we were featured on leading Newspapers across India. Know more

In June 2015, we were featured on more than 250 News outlets across United States.

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Mayank Goyal - Online Puja Services founderPundit Mayank Goyal

He has good understanding of inner science. He followed and stayed with several Gurus and chose the Brahmin Varna as a lifestyle. He practices deep meditation, performs pujas for clients and has explored areas of astral travel & energy channeling. It helped a lot in developing his mental and psychic powers. Has more than 15 years of experience in the field of puja rituals, active listening, counseling and healing.

He is a full time healer, initiated in Anand Gandha, Vaak Siddhi and is venerated for his in-depth understanding of chakras and their activation using Vedic sciences. He was featured and interviewed by leading newspapers and journals of India (The Times of India, The Economic Times, The New Indian Express, The ISKCON Times).

He advice clients on pujas and yagyas, to address any concern, using remedies mentioned in Vedas, Puranas, Gau Bhagwat and Kundalini Chakra science. For puja consultations, email him at: .


Doctor Shree Kamlesh DwivediDoctor Shree Kamlesh ji

Kamlesh ji holds a PhD in Astro science from Kavi Kulguru Kalidas university and is based out of Maharashtra. He has more than 20 years of experience. Born and brought up in a Hindu Brahmin family, he has been close to Lord Narayan from a very young age. He is known for his simple and easy remedies to solve problems, which can easily be implemented in day to day life. People who know him from childhood say, he had intutive powers even as a young boy. But to this, he gives a simple reason: "Jyotish is very near to truth. Don't lie for 10 years and 11th year whatever you will say will become the truth. Astrology is not mere calculation, it is a combination of jyotish knowledge and spiritual consciousness".

Forte: Large scale Yagnas, Vashikaran (attraction) rituals, remedies based on YajurVeda, Ravan Samhita, and occult scriptures.

Acharya Shree Dinesh RattanAcharya Shree Dinesh Rattan

Dinesh ji holds a Masters degree in Jyotish Karmakand. Since 1999, he is offering service at the famous Shakti Peeth of Maa Baglamukhi in Jawalamukhi, Kangra, state of Himachal Pradesh. He has done rigorous Baglamukhi Sadhana and heads the pujas at the Baglamukhi temple. He has immense knowledge on Devi Mahatmyam and is often approached by celebrities for acute solutions. Having a vast and rich experience of 21 years, he advise people from all walks of life. He was the key person guiding ex-president of India, late Shree Pranab Mukherjee, during his temple visit.

Forte: Court case, Legal case, Land dealing, Black magic removal, Recovery of bad debts.

Punditji Shree Mukesh Sharma
Punditji Shree Mukesh Sharma

Mukesh ji is an expert Karmakandi priest based out of Rajasthan, the first one to be called in his town whenever there is any Muhurta calculation or any ritual to be performed. His family has been performing pujas from last three generations. He used to perform rituals alongwith his father when he was hardly 7 years. His expertise in Ratna Jyotish Vigyan and Bhartiya Jyotish is commendable. He holds 25 years of experience in Karmakand rituals.

Forte: Dosha Nivaran pujas, Sanskara rituals, Vrat & Festival Pujas, Donation services.

Punditji Shree Pushkar VyasPunditji Shree Pushkar Vyas

Pushkar ji was born under the famous Sukhwal dynasty (Rishi Shrindi lineage). He has herited Shreemad Bhagwad recitation and Hindu Sanskaras from his forefathers. At a young age, he relocated to Vrindavan, where he gained mantra diksha from Mahant of Savaman Shaligram temple. He has also gained knowledge under Shree Morari Bapu. With more than 18 years of experience in performing cow rituals and as the prime minister of Bhartiya Gau Vigyan Shodh Sansthan, having 90 Gau Shalas (cow shades) under him, he advocates the merits of Kamdhenu cow worship. He operates from the famous Chittaurgarh city (Mira Bai's eternal abode).

Forte: Cow rituals, Bhagwad Katha, Mira Bhakti Katha, Nani Bai Ro Mayro.

Eshwar Bhakti priest with Bollywood star GovindaAcharya Dineshji with Bollywood star Govinda Eshwar Bhakti priest with Baba RamdevPundit Pushkarji with Yoga Baba Ramdevji during a Cow donation ceremony Eshwar Bhakti priest with Morari BapuPundit Pushkarji with Morari Bapu ji Eshwar Bhakti priest with President of IndiaAcharya Dineshji with ex-president of India, late Shree Pranab Mukherjee
Mayank Goyal with Mahant of Pushkar temple
Pundit Mayank Goyal with Late Shri Mahant of Brahma temple at Pushkar
Pandit Gangadhar ji Pathak of Ram Mandir Bhumi Poojan
Pundit Pushkarji with Shri Gangadhar ji Pathak (Acharya of Bhumi Poojan ceremony of Ram Mandir, Ayodhya)
Mayank Goyal in Brahma temple, Pushkar
Pundit Mayank Goyal inside the Garbhgriha of Brahma temple, Pushkar