• Lord Indra


    Indra is hailed the supreme god in over 300 hymns of the Rigveda. In these hymns he wields the Vajra, the thunderbolt ... Read more

  • Goddess Saraswati

    Goddess Saraswati

    The Sanskrit word Saraswati is derived from “Saras” for example, stream in watery pools, and the postfix “Wait” signifies holder ... Read more

  • Goddess Durga

    Goddess Durga

    The Sanskrit word Durga means a fort, or a place that is protected and thus difficult to reach. Durga, also called Divine Mother ... Read more

  • Lord Shiva

    Lord Shiva

    Shiva is an infinite being. For some he is a god to worship, for some he is the first guru, while for some he is just a presence.... Read more