Puja is ritualistic worship of the Divine performed to keep us in harmony with cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual upliftment. By doing puja, thoughts and vibrations of spiritual forces are created around us. These spiritual forces work to eliminate the negative influences in our life and help surround us with positive energy which bring us peace of mind, good health, longevity, good luck, protection, fulfilling relations, material prosperity and enable us to more clearly touch the Divine, our true nature.

Homa is a sacred fire ritual done using technique given by the sages and enlightened Masters to create a specific desired effect in our lives. It involves an oblation or any religious offering made into fire. The Homa is also called "sacrifice ritual" because the fire destroys the offering, but a Homa is more accurately a "votive ritual". The fire is the agent, and the offerings include those that are material and symbolic such as grains, clarified butter, milk, incense and seeds.

Yagya has been a part of an individual or social ritual since the Vedic times. When the ritual fire – the divine Agni, the god of fire and the messenger of gods – are deployed in a yagya, mantras are chanted. The hymns and songs sung and oblations offered into the fire are a form of hospitality towards the Vedic gods. The offerings are carried by Agni (fire) to the gods, the gods in return are expected to grant boons and benedictions, and thus the ritual served as a means of spiritual exchange between gods and human beings.

Yagya is a large scale ritual lasting over several days and involves daily oblations in the sacred fire. It can be either performed by a few priests over multiple days or several priests performing in a single day. Many people use the yagna or yajna words instead of yagya, the meaning of it is the same. Yagyas are done by highly learned vedic pandits, who are the experts of vedic ceremonies and who live their lives' according to the rules of vedic tradition.

They create a positive effect not only in the people who are around but also in the people whose names have been chanted in the Sankalpa mantra – the mantra for conscious resolution, irrespective of how far they are. They help address our concerns/problems by invoking a specific/particular set of deity energies for the fulfillment of the Sankalpa.

Sankalpa is the mantra for conscious resolution. In layman terms, it is a small prayer which primarily focuses on "the wish/desire behind performing a particular ritual".

Sankalpa means ‘intention’ formed by the heart and mind. When you take a sankalpa, you simply invite the Universe to listen to your intention; you pray, and surrender the intention to the Divine. You don’t have to keep thinking about it or get worked up about it. Work towards it, then, let it go, and rest in the faith that only the best will happen to you. Know more

  1. Based on purpose: You can choose the right remedial puja based on your concerns / problems / purpose. On left top of the website, you will notice three small horizontal lines (when accessing the website through laptop or desktop), clicking on it will open all types of "Purpose". You can click on the relevant "Purpose" to see applicable list of Pujas / Homas / Yagya. Alternatively, when you browse any of the seven categories listed on the website (Pujas & Fasting, Chakra Balancing, Nine Planets, Yagya / Homam, Cow Rituals, Dakshina and Last Rites), you will notice a Filter in the center of the screen named "Filter by Purpose" (visible on all devices). Choose your purpose from this filter, to see applicable pujas.
  2. Free Consultation based on your birth chart and concerns: If you know your birth details (all of these: date, time and place of birth), you can fill the Free Consultation form and we will study your chart and revert back with the suggested remedy within 24 hours.
  3. Free Consultation based on your concerns: If you don't know your birth details (any of these: date, time and place of birth), you can still avail the Free Consultation and mention your problems / concerns there and we will revert with the suggested remedy within 24 hours.

An analysis of the birth chart is not necessary to have a puja performed, or to receive the benefit of any puja. However, a more precise understanding of our specific karma, and the timetable for the unfoldment of our karma, can be determined by studying the astrology chart. If you know your birth details, you can opt for Free Consultation service to get your astrology chart analyzed and get a recommendation on the best puja remedy.

  • We are the First ISO 9001:2015 certified Puja Services organisation in the world. Know more
  • First to translate the content of Puja Services and put on internet, certified by the Copyright Office, Government of India. Know more
  • We have successfully conducted several Ati Rudra Yagya, Vishnu Maha Yagya, Maha Rudra Abhishek, SatChandi Paath, Navgraha pujas, Shri Vidya, Black magic removal etc.
  • Ready team of 250 learned priests specialised in Vedic Shastrokat Pujas.
  • We specialise and perform only individual pujas. No group homas.
  • You can call the priest during the performance of your puja and tell your wish (Sankalpa) over the phone.
  • Our team comprises of: 10 brahmins with doctorate degree and 15 years of experience; 50 Acharyas with 10 years of experience ; 200 Shastris with minimum 5 years of experience. All our team members are authentic Brahmins from Gurukuls, karmakandi priests who are doing pujas from last three generations.
  • We have ready Yagyashalas with 9 -11 kundis for organizing big yagyas. A pioneer to release the authentic YagyaShala design in the public. Know more
  • First organisation to perform ATI RUDRA MAHA YAGNA at a grand scale, in October-2013.
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  • All pujas are performed based on Muhurta (auspicious time), and according to your birth details.
  • You also have an option to watch your pujas Live over the internet.
  • Puja schedule is emailed within 12 hours of order confirmation.
  • You, your family and friends can come and attend the puja.
  • Immediately on successful completion of the puja, photos/videos will be emailed to you.
  • It always rains when we do large scale Yagya, indicating the success and acceptance of puja by the divine.

Yes, we are the first to translate the content of Puja Services in the internet space. Our content is certified by the Copyright Office, Government of India. This certificate assures, you are dealing with the original and the most authentic source of Online Pooja Services. Know more

  • You select a ritual order based on the "Purpose" listed on the website or after your consultation with us.
  • At the time of booking the ritual, you are asked to provide your "Name, birth details, Sankalpa and instructions" on the shopping cart page. You can also mention your Gotra, Nakshatra and Rashi details there (if you know).
  • Immediately after the receipt of your order, we start identifying the most auspicious date and time to perform the ritual.
  • An email is sent to you within 12 hours of order confirmation, which would comprise:
      • Date on which your puja would be performed.
      • Complete timings and duration of your ritual.
      • Sankalpa time: When you can join us and pray for the fulfillment of your wish.
      • Zoom meeting details for your Sankalpa.
      • Mantra and meditation instructions to follow at your end.
      • Deitary precautions on the day of your puja.
      • List of some easy to get items, to take the Sankalpa .
  • You can also email us your photo, at contact@pujayagna.com, to keep during the performance of your puja (optional).
  • On the scheduled day and time, you can join over Zoom to take your Sankalpa (optional). You will be guided during the call to take the Sankalpa.
  • Immediately after the successful completion of your ritual, an email is sent with photos/videos of the ritual.
  • In case of rituals lasting over several days, you will receive daily updates over email, WhatsApp or Viber.

Yajmaan is the leader or patron of a Puja or Yagya. He initiates it and provides financial assistance for the process. Yajmaan is a person who conducts sacrifices and becomes part of the deity. He gives dakshina (fees) for the priests. It is only through the provision of dakshina, Yajmaan can achieve the fruits of the sacrifice. After the completion of the puja, Yajmaan receives blessings from the divine entity. Know more

Dakshina, daksina, or दक्षिणा, is a Sanskrit term from Vedic literature that refers to an offering or gift, typically to a priest. da, meaning “offering” or “giving”; kshi, meaning “to dwell in”; and na, meaning “knowledge”. The dakshina is considered a duty, or dharma, and is part of the universe's cycle of giving and receiving. As per the Indian tradition, the dakshina is offered to the priest(s) for every ritual they perform, by the person (Yajamana) for whom it is being performed.

An interesting specialty of the way of worship in the Hindu tradition is – like how money is credited in an account which is far away from the place where the money is deposited; yagya, homas and pujas done as per the scriptural injunctions create the desired effect in you irrespective of how far you are from the place where the homa /puja is performed. The energy built up in the homa/yagya fire automatically reaches the participant and fulfills the participant’s true desires leaving a glimpse of completion in the participant.

Our priests perform the rituals in the most authentic and detailed way. Almost all our clients have reported positive effects with our online Pujas. Read Reviews . Make sure to read review of a client, specially related to this question.

Yes. We have performed several Yagyas for corporates and multinational companies. Please email us at corporate@pujayagna.com with your requirements.

We perform ALL kinds of Pujas , Havan and Yagya. Commonly known puja services are already listed on the website. However, there are certain rare and secret sacrifices which are not listed on the website and are performed as per the situation and urgency. You can contact us for special needs.

Yes, you can provide us the names of all your family members to include in the Sankalpa, without any additional charge. It is a common practice to include entire family names in the rituals.

The merit of any ritual can start happening for you from the moment we start your ritual. Most clients have reported positive changes within 3 weeks. And for some it can take upto 6 weeks. The merit which is earned by doing a puja will come to fruition at the appropriate time in your life. We have clients who have experienced instant results in terms of Kumkum (vermilion) materializing while taking the Sankalpa (please refer testimonial section).

Any immediate problem or obstacle you face would be addressed at a fast pace. And you would continue to experience long term benefits. Usually, the mantra siddhi pujas, which have 125,000 chants have really long lasting effects.

We have three private temples located in different cities of India, which are super charged with mantra energies and sacred fire rituals, to give you the best energy experience. These temples are specially created with perfect Vastu and are maintained using spiritual practices and sanctification. All major deity idols are installed in these temples.

Yes, you, your family and friends are welcome to attend your puja in person. Just drop us an email, at contact@pujayagna.com, expressing your interest, after your order confirmation, and we will guide you.

Immediately upon successful completion of your puja, photos/videos will be emailed to you. You can choose to save them for future reference.

Yes, you can do all of the above provided the change request is emailed at least 3 days prior to your scheduled Puja date. This will give us time to make the necessary changes. We will try our level best to accommodate your change request subject to availability of slots and feasibility to undertake puja on the rescheduled date.

Eshwar Bhakti™ is known for authenticity and trust. We believe and practice the law of karmas. Once you have paid us the dakshina (fees) for your puja, it is our responsibility and karma to do it authentically. We make sure the full count of mantra chants is done. After you place an order, you will receive timely updates from us over email / whatsapp / sms (as applicable).

Additionally, you can always call, on the number given in your puja schedule email, during your puja duration hours, to listen to the ongoing puja. You will also be provided with video clips having the main parts of the ritual. Your photo would be kept in the puja (if you have provided us). And finally, when you experience the positive change, words are no longer required!

We specialize and perform only Individual pujas. The positive effects generated from any ritual gets divided equally among the participants, so we make sure there is only one participant per puja. However, when you provide us the names of your family members, we will include them in your Sankalpa.

To address multiple puja requests on the same day, we have a large team of 250+ pandits. Our fees is based on personalised puja only. Usually, all groups pujas are less priced.

Your secrets are meant to stay secret forever. Your privacy and personal information is 1000% safe with us. The trust you put in us is a big responsibility that we love to hold within our heart. We never share your personal details and concerns with anyone. Additionally, we offer complimentary coverage of $100,000 for our clients based in USA and Canada for Identity Theft Protection. Know more

You can join us over Zoom for your Puja Sankalpa, without any additional charge. This meeting would last for 10-15 minutes.

However, if you wish to see entire puja live on Zoom, there would be an additional charge. It would be a private broadcast and only you can watch it. The Zoom meeting details would be shared alongwith your Puja schedule. Please add Live streaming to your cart along with your puja order.

Please note during the Festivals season, either we might not offer live broadcast service at all OR there would be double charges than normal days.

To receive prasada of your puja, you need to pay additional shipping charges of approx. US$ 20 and it will be sent to you. For such cases, please email us at contact@pujayagna.com after placing your order and you will be provided with a direct payment link to pay shipping costs. The prasada would be shipped via Aramex, UPS, or DHL courier.

The Prasadam you receive, post successful completion of your Puja comprises: Vibhooti (Homam ash), rice grains, sacred red thread, betel nut, and sugar grains. We undertake delivery of only non-perishable Prasadam. Instructions on usage of the items would be emailed, once prasada is shipped.

When you have already taken a right step, why would you want to move back again? However, if you still decide to cancel your order, email us within one hour of payment confirmation and we will issue full refund excluding payment processing charges. Requests received after one hour would not be entertained, as the puja scheduling process already starts by then. You can however, change the date and details of the puja.

For payments done through PayPal and Stripe, the payment gateway processing charges (approx 5%) would not be refunded. This is as per PayPal and Stripe policy, they do not refund the processing charges to either seller or buyer.

Hope you have gone through all the above FAQs. They should be able to give you a clear picture. In case, you still have queries, please email Mayank Goyal directly at mayank@pujayagna.com. He will respond to your mail immediately. For us, your satisfaction is of utmost importance!