Upcoming Festivals  

Shravan Maas (month) is considered most auspicious in entire year. In the state of Maharashtra it is celebrated between July 24 to August 21. During this month the cosmos is charged with Shiva energy and vedic rituals are performed to please Lord Shiva. This is the time when Lord Shiva drank the poisonous Halahala that emanated from Samudra Manthan between the Devas and the Asuras.
Ganesh Chaturthi – the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha is on 25th August. Chaturthi is the fourth digital phase of the waxing moon, the 'Chetana' or 'Conscious' state. This enables devotee to fully concentrate. Those who are unable to worship Lord Ganesha on a daily basis must worship him on Chaturthi. It provides one hundred times more powerful benefits.
The Pitra Paksha Shradh dates are 5-September till 19-September. Shraadh is performed for departed souls who had been associated as our ancestors. The period of performing holy rituals is also termed as Pitru Paksha. The ritual of Shradh is a way of showing our thankfulness and gratitude to our ancestors. This ritual is a way of freeing souls of the departed ancestors from earth.

Why Yagyas from Eshwar Bhakti

 Authentic Brahmins from Gurukuls, karmakandi priests who are doing pujas from last three generations.

 We have successfully conducted: Ati Rudra Yagna, Vishnu Maha Yagna, Maha Rudra Abhishek, SatChandi Paath, Navgraha pujas, Shri Vidya, Black magic removal and several other poojas.

 Ready team of 250 learned priests specialised in Vedic Shastrokat Pujas. Ready 9-11 Kundi Yagya Shalas.

 We specialise and perform only individual yagnas. No group homas.

 Call the priest during your puja and give the Sankalpa over the phone

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