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Already successful

Thank for the Ganesh Puja! I really appreciate this amazing service that you offer.  After the Puja was successfully completed, my wish came true! Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it and will be purchasing another Puja very soon.

-  R. Scott, USA, 12-July-2024

Very good experience

I am very happy and elated by the puja / havan experience, pandit ji took my Sankalpa exactly on time as promised. Numerous pictures and videos sent by Mayank ji via WhatsApp, timely updates. Feeling very good and blessed. Definitely would recommend to everyone living anywhere in the world. Even Muhurta time & date were flexible and changed when requested. Catered all my needs. Thank you to all the Pandit's who were involved and to the full team of Eshwar Bhakti for the excellent support. Regards & Gratitudes for everyone.

-  Ghosh, UK, 14-June-2024

It worked

I got the call today that I had been waiting for 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 The Ganesh puja worked!!!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful! I am able to buy my first house successfully with the deed in my name.

-  B. Harris, USA, 1-June-2024

Thank you

Thank you so much for the photos and video, very moving and beautiful and sacred and Divine. Glory to God and Guru, namaste, thank you for your seva.

-  Will Hirschowitz, USA, 17-May-2024

Service to humanity

Please pass my deepest gratitude to all the Brahmins. I wish I was there to do it in person. Thank you for keeping me posted throughout the proceedings. I really was not expecting this at all. Puja is beautifully done. I remain amazed by the elderly Brahmin with the white beard every time you send me photos. He is truly inspiring even from so far away as are the youngsters. You have some beautiful souls there.

After the completion of the Saturn yagya, was the first morning I had no palpitations. Last night was the most restful sleep I have had in a long time. Today, after the completion of both pujas, my heart feels lighter, and my breathing is much better. Most of all I had no palpitations, no tiredness, nothing. I just feel a sense of peace.

I am so grateful for your guidance and the phenomenal dedication of all your Brahmins as they do these pujas to help souls like us and for your service to humanity as a whole. Because, as one of us benefits from this work, we can pass on that benefit to others.
With love, respect and gratitude to you and your team

 L.P., UK, 22-April-2024

Feel positive

Thank you! I feel positive. I feel like I can do more things with the positivity from it. It's really hard being a physical empath and feeling drained all the time. I'm grateful I found you guys! The hard work you guys put into it is really making my life easier.

-  Audrey Jenkins, USA, 15-February-2024

Wonderful service

Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony.  The quality of service and care from Eshwar Bhakti is truly exceptional and I am fortunate to have benefited from your expertise and guidance.

-  Scott R., USA, 9-December-2023

I felt God's blessings

Thank you for healing me! I feel much better! There is nothing better than being surrounded by spiritual support of prayers. This Puja helped me to overcome some past concerns and it brought a great relief and peace. 

-  Anastasia M., France, 13-November-2023

Instant results

Your Family Harmony prayers got almost instant results. Next day heard from 3 relatives who had very little contact with me and bumped into another one in supermarket!!! Interesting, how with faith and trusting the Divine gives us everything. My gratitude to you.  Obviously have a connection to you/your organisation. Very grateful.

-  Shirin, UK, 20-October-2023


I am grateful more than I could express in words regarding the Puja. I am thankful to the vedic pundit, who has conducted the ritual. The puja had extreme positive impact on my life.

-  Rakhesh G., USA, 4-October-2023

Incredible puja

SHRI GANPATI BAPA KI JAI. Amazing Puja performed. Thanking you deeply from my heart to all the Guruji's who performed this incredible puja. I am feeling very blessed. Just absolutely beautiful. I am happy with everything Pt. Goyal Ji and look forward to do other pujas in future with Eshwar Bhakti. Thanks to everyone once again.

-  Sarbjit B., Canada, 25-September-2023


We got the miracle news that Coconut did not have cancer, it was a mass and he had to have surgery which was very invasive but he is recovering very well. Thank you for that puja Mayank.

-  DR Singh, Canada, 6-September-2023

Thank you for activating my crown chakra

I’m so very grateful. It’s been my wish to connect with the spiritual realm for a long time and I’m blessed with a connection 🙏 thank you for activating my crown chakra.

-  Zoe G., USA, 21-August-2023

Feed Crows service

I am grateful for the Feed Crows Service. It is an important part of my offerings and prayers to Saturn and my ancestors. I appreciate the pictures and videos during this service. Thank you.

- Andrew S., USA, 7-August-2023

Another Well done Puja

I appreciate that the brahmins doing the puja are focused and devoted to the puja. The photos provided were wonderful and as if we were there. Thank you again for a wonderful puja and blessings.

- P.W., USA, 23-July-2023

Thank you

The Navgraha Puja - Vedic chants are worth it's dakshina. It’s hard trying to chant all different planets at certain times and I don’t know how to worship each one. They were fast to schedule me and talked about any questions and concerns. I could also feel certain area of my body when they did puja for each planets. Thank you for the services.

- Audrey Jenkins, USA, 25-May-2023

Very pleased

Thank you very much for everything. Your clear and timely communications are reassuring when we are far away. The pictures depict care and attention to the puja. We had our thirteen day puja done by a different puja person and they did not do what they were offering us. So, I am very pleased to have found you and your Puja services for the transparency and respect associated with why we do pujas in the first place.

- PW, USA, 30-Apr-2023

A+ service

Extremely well done and reported. Kept me in the loop and advised me of each and every step in the Puja. I highly recommend their services. 

- Roby Grewal, Canada, 28-Mar-2023

From the bottom of my heart!

Nearly after a year, I circled back to Eshwar Bhakti - regret waiting on it for so long. Well, they say it's never too late. When I called Mayanki ji, he instantly recognized me and enquired about how I was doing. Knowing someone is there to listen to your problems and provide a bespoke/custom solution for you that works in your favor is a true blessing. After Mayank ji’s guidance, I opted for Jupiter puja & havan in Oct 2022 - I saw positive results in my work by December 2022. In less than a year of my co-ordinator role at my company, I was promoted and my work was being recognized - which for me was a miracle. Over and above that, when I reach out to Mayank ji, asking for solutions on my other issues, he provides practical solutions based on actions and not emotions.

I have booked another Navchandi puja this week, and I can’t tell you all how excited I’m, feeling positive and looking forward to invoking Mata rani’s blessings.

With immense gratitude, I want to thank Mayank ji and his team of extraordinary acharyas who did the prayers/chanting and havan for me, with such shraddha & shuddhi. I felt like I was there. Feeling grateful and blessed to have found Eshwar Bhakti :)

- Teena Punjwani, USA, 1-Mar-2023

Very touched

Thank you very much Mayank ji and the Pandits who did this puja for Rohin. I am extremely grateful and very touched at everyone’s dedication and kindness for reciting the chants, Havan and prayers. I have listened to the clips a few times now and very touched. May God Bless Rohin and also your team for making this happen in such an auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri. We are truly Blessed. Many many thanks again. With kind regards to all in the team. 

- T. Saluja, USA, 18-Feb-2023

Would 100% recommend

Very professional, quick, and satisfactory. I am so happy to have found Eshwar Bhakti.

- Anthony C., USA, 14-Jan-2023

Wish fulfillment puja

I approached Mayank and told him about a particular concern, they performed a powerful wish fulfillment yagya and everything started to turn in my favour. I can give my word, just trust them and share your birth details and concern and rest assured they will find a solution for you.

- P. Acharya, Australia, 30-Dec-2022

Pujas are helping me a lot

Thank you, it looks wonderful, very impressive. Thanks to the priests who did the ceremony. Your Poojas are helping me already a lot. I am not feeling tired any longer.  I feel much better and focused.  Please keep helping people the way you do!

- Ana Maria, Germany, 24-Nov-2022

Thank you for putting lots of time and efforts

I felt something around my throat area when you were doing the process. Good videos and pictures from the services. I can tell all the priests have put their heart and soul into it. Good communication with emails and they answered several direct questions and concerns. I can concentrate better and when I approach people they care to listen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

- Audrey J., USA, 12-Oct-2022

Feed elephant service

Was a great experience to feed the elephant. He was very happy after eating bananas and sugar cane and it is good to see him put on some weight during the last one month of feeding. Elephants are definitely beautiful creatures.

- Shyamal K., UAE, 1-Oct-2022

Very very touched

Thank you very much for completion of Poojas for my late parents and thank you for using my parent's pictures. Many many thanks to all the Pujaris, my sincerest thanks!! Very touched, appreciative, grateful and thankful and I pray that both my mother and father reap the blessings!! We are truly very grateful and very thankful for the much needed Puja.

- Taran B., USA, 21-Sep-2022

Spiritual experience

I want to thank you very much for an amazing and spiritual experience. I have used other services as well and by far this experience was the best. I very much appreciate you guiding us through in English. I will use your services going forward as we keep doing pujas throughout the year. Please thank all the Brahmins, it felt very personal, we knew they were praying for our family. Thank you kindly and I will be in touch soon.

- Debbie Ramkerrysingh, Canada, 8-Aug-2022

A true miracle

Namaste. Thank you so much for all your pure hearted help. I could not attend the online Sankalpa, and just went to the local temple with fruit prasada and for darshan. I had Shiv Ji Bhagwan's darshan outside my son's room, starting last night until this morning, for the whole duration of the Puja. A true miracle of His Holiness. May the grace of God always be with you, the pure hearted one in this world.

- R. M., UK, 24-July-2022 (initials used to protect privacy)

Absolutely wonderful!!

Thank you to all of the wonderful people that assisted with my Puja. I was not sure what to expect since it was my first time. Mayank was so kind to always keep me updated and send me videos and photos. I am feeling really wonderful afterwards! I will definitely be back for more! I highly recommend the divine reading after the puja! It’s very accurate, so insightful and positive! I completely understood everything on a deep level. I look forward to continued growth.

- Cynthia M., USA, 7-July-2022

An honest opinion!

I’ll give an honest opinion. They are very very genuine & provide the best service. You’ll definitely feel positivity & a strong connection with divine. They perform everything with proper rituals with experienced pandits. I’ll definitely keep coming back. God bless.

- Dhruv Srow, UAE, 18-June-2022

Unbelievable gift

Thank you so much for the Mahamrityunjaya puja and the daily puja. The energy flowing is so unbelievably wonderful and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to receive this blessing. A big Thank you for your work and your prayers. This is an unbelievable gift for me.  All the best to you and the priests.

- Melanie Schuppler, Germany, 3-June-2022

Winds suddenly became extremely powerful

Wow, Goyal ji. This is absolutely amazing. I never imagined that the Puja would be this powerful. I am feeling much satisfied with this Puja and so glad that I reached out to you. Something interesting to share, when you mentioned the Havan has begun, the winds suddenly became extremely powerful. I have not seen the weather like this in a long time. I have so much respect for you and all the gurujis that have performed such a Havan for our health and happiness. This is truly a moment of peace and joy for me. I am quite emotional right now. Thank you for the great Puja and ashirwad. I feel very blessed.

- Sarbjit Budwal, Canada, 16-May-2022

Credit to our culture

Really pleasing to see that the ceremony was performed so well. Please accept my deepest gratitude Mayank and to the Brahmins that performed this puja. It was lovely to see Lord Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga as well during the video. Excellent service provided. Mayank and his team are a credit to our culture.

- Shyamal K., UAE, 21-Apr-2022

Heart Chakra balancing

I am grateful to the Eshwar Bhakti Team that this service is even available worldwide. I didn't personally intensely feel anything but events in my life reflected a change had occurred. Almost immediately after the puja was performed, an unexpected event and opportunity occurred at the place where I work. Afterwards almost everyone I work has a more positive attitude towards me. Another unexpected event is that a few of my family members who I don't get to see often enough came to town. I feel it is always a blessing when life provides you an opportunity to spend more with people that you love. I would recommend the Heart Chakra Puja to anyone who feels lonely or isolated in their life. I feel the Divine and those who help connect with it are there to help us who are struggling.

- EJL, USA, 6-April-2022 (initials used to protect privacy) 

So Ecstatic

Wow Goyal ji. This is beyond my expectations. May God bless my brother, all the priests, and you for making this possible. I don’t have enough words to say Thank you. Although, I was not there physically but just seeing these pics and videos makes me feel so ecstatic.

- Rajwinder M., Canada, 27-March-2022


We are overwhelmed with the service provided by Eshwar Bhakti. Special thanks to Mayank Goyal sir for his support and guidance. We are experiencing some amazing results ever since the rituals have been completed. Big thank you.

- Rahul, Vellore, India, 13-March-2022

Very organized

Puja was performed on scheduled time. Very organized team. Received videos of the puja. They also have an option to get recorded DVD. Thank you for your transparency.

- Krunal T., USA, 6-March-2022

Felt goosebumps 

Excellent, seamless & very prompt service. Felt goosebumps during the Pooja. Thank you so so much. I’ve a ton of new poojas lined up too :)

- Dhruv Srow, UAE, 3-March-2022

Greatly indebted 

Thank you Eshwar Bhakti Team and Pujaris!! Thank you for offering 56 varieties of Prasada. We are so humbled and touched by the Pujas in the last 7 days and specially today. Thank you for the beautiful Puja, Havan and Blessings. It has brought a lot of peace to us and greatly indebted to all the Pujaris for the Blessings and the prayers. We feel our parents are more at peace after the Pujas. This means a lot to us and we are very fortunate to have been connected with Eshwar Bhakti. We are truly appreciative and thankful to God for showing us the way because honestly we could not have done this on our own specially being in the US, we have limited Vedic knowledge and not easy access to temples and Pujaris. Our humble and infinite thanks to all. We have no words to express our gratitude and thankfulness. Much appreciation and regards!! Almost in tears and feel very Blessed.

- Taran and family, USA, 21-February-2022

Best service 

I have been a consistent customer to Eshwar Bhakti. They provide the best service and make sure your puja is done properly. They keep you posted by sending videos and pictures through WhatsApp. You can also join their zoom link to view the complete puja. I am very happy with their service.

- Dixita P., USA, 11-February-2022

Peaceful after Baglamukhi Homam

Eshwar Bhakti seemed very authentic and approached them for eliminating negative energies bothering my family. All the preists have put immense effort in performing the Baglamukhi puja and havan for two days. While wearing the Baglamukhi kavacha locket, I felt warm energy in my heart and spine. And it's just two days, I really feel lot more peace. I am also able to meditate very peacefully after wearing the locket. I struggled to meditate in the past. I have never felt like this before. Lots of gratitude for the entire team and their devotion to the divine and for their services. Thank you so much ..!!🙏

- Manu, Telangana, India, 3-February-2022

Highly recommend 

Having done multiple yagyas and pujas through Eshwar Bhakti ... I can confidently say that they are the real deal. Authentic, organized and super responsive. I am extremely happy with their services and highly recommend them.

- PK , Canada, 29-January-2022 (initials used to protect privacy)

Feed cows service

This was my first time with this puja daan service, and I was totally amazed with the professionalism that everything was handled with. The service was prompt, fast, and very well performed with pictures and videos given to assure us of the daan being performed in a righteous manner. Mayank was knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions and concerns. I am very happy with the service. 🙏

- N., USA, 24-January-2022 (initials used to protect privacy) 

Ritual to sell property 

I literally received an offer on my condo the very next day after I played this video and closed within 30 days of receiving that offer.... thank you so much.

- De Nise, YouTube subscriber, 19-January-2022

Great, great, great 

Many thanks❤️🙏!!! I have no another words!! I don't know what to tell... It's so fabulous!! Thank you! Many blessings to you!! The service was great! Everything was perfect! Puja ritual was done at the highest level! What I wanted has started manifesting!

- Olga S., Latvia, 12-January-2022

Great surge of energy 

I felt a great surge of energy at 4.30am PT/6pm IST, when the Shri Vidya puja got completed. My heart was beating rapidly and I couldn’t sleep. The pictures and videos are great! What a beautiful set up. I feel so blessed by Maa and all the pandits who made these offerings on my behalf. Also, wow what a Homam!! Thank you so much!!! This is the best, best, best gift I could ever receive! Thanks to you, the Acharya, all the pandits and darling Maa for making it a reality.

- Gayatri Hiremath, USA, 5-January-2022

Feed cows service 

This service was truly worth the purchase. I am experiencing some amazing things since this has been completed. I look forward to working with Eshwar Bhakti in the future. I feel so blessed.

- Felicia A., USA, 27-December-2021

Our thanks are infinite

Thank you so much Eshwar Bhakti. Our heartiest and infinite thanks to all the Pundits who performed the Pujas on our behalf and the team. Being so far away we could not have done it without your team. We are truly grateful. Puja was so beautiful and very touching. This has been a very humbling experience.

- 🙏🙏 Taran and Family, USA, 15-December-2021

Marvelous work

The puja looks wonderful and I thank you for the marvelous work you are doing to help people. It is amazing to see such a personalized service for my late father. I was very impressed that you printed that photo so well and placed it within a nice frame for the puja, along with all traditional adornments. My father, my mother and I thank both you and the priest for organising and realising such a wonderful last rites puja ceremony for him. It was very spiritual, professional, and well organised.

- Asoka Selvarajah, Italy, 10-December-2021

Already seen results

The Mercury and Saturn vedic puja services are beneficial. I have already seen results since the first day. I will continue to order from Eshwar Bhakti in the future.

- Felicia Amos, USA, 6-December-2021

Positive outcome

Thank you for the great service, the service was perfect. The positive outcome of the puja is slowly manifesting. Thank you Eshwar Bhakti and to all the priests, I will order again.

- Ivančica M., Croatia, 27-October-2021

Felt the power and blessings

Haribol Hare Krishna Mayank ji... thank you for the wonderful puja, for all the dedication and for being so much support to me and compassionate. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to come to Bharat (India) and able to serve all of you, to repay so much more, for everything you have done. I feel the blessings, felt the power, was meditating today, chanted quite a few rounds of the mantra, my mind was just there with all of you. May Shri Krishna and Srila Prabhupada bless you immensely for helping me and for removing these things which held me back for so many years. Thank you so much.

- Yamuna Devi Dasi, South Africa, 12-October-2021

Vedic astrology service

Mayank and his team are an expert and master of this science, his understanding and mastery of the science answered all my questions with great clarity and wisdom!! 🙏  Mayank is a true servant of God and Truth. Thank you Mayank my next move will be to book puja/homa remedies.

- Edmund G., UK, 21-September-2021

Very good service

I bought a Gau Daan (Gift a Cow) service with Mayank Goyal | Eshwar Bhakti, and its execution was flawless. Everything was done accordingly with the requirements and expectations. I asked for specific details regarding the cow, and they took care of my request perfectly.

I am very happy to have trusted this company to perform the Gau Daan on my behalf.
Thanks for all the excellent work!. 

- Cristobal, Netherlands, 10-September-2021

Brahmins Bhoj

Its a good service of providing meals to Brahmins. The meal given was sufficient to feed the brahmins and the whole puja was performed very nicely. 

- Ravi Thaker, UK, 21-August-2021

Amazing experience!!

We were updated at every step of the puja with live video call, pictures and videos. Due to COVID lockdowns we were unable to conduct puja ourselves. We reached out to Eshwar Bhakti and they made it a seamless experience for us.

- Shalin Limbachia, Australia, 14-August-2021

Superfast Excellent service

Excellent, quick and reliable service. Thank you so much for amazingly fast and reliable service.

- Anurag Sharma, UK, 13-August-2021

Obtained undetermined credit

I am writing to inform you that I have obtained the undetermined credit. I begin to see the results of the Puja. Thank you and in the future I will order your services again! Thank you all!

- Luca Lucchetti, Italy, 5-August-2021

Lump is gone

Namaste Mayank ji, I went for scan today to another medical centre, they did not find any lump this time. Thank God, Lord Shiva has answered my prayers, Har Har Mahadev.

- Anureet K., Malaysia, 19-July-2021

Kaal Sarp Dosh Correction Puja

It was excellent. I am very happy that I did this puja with Eshwar Bhakti.

- Kalpesh P., USA, 6-July-2021

Puja for Jupiter

Great service. Increased my financial position. Thank you very much.

- Corey B., USA, 25-June-2021

Feed Cows service

How lovely. Absolutely lovely. Thank you very much for these photographs and the video. Brought peace to my heart. There is not much that makes me feel better, happier, than to see love and kindness showered upon animals.

- Beth Levinson, USA, 28-May-2021

Vrush Daan (Bull donation)

It's my pleasure to do such an auspicious donation on the day of Varuthini Ekadashi. Am thankful to Eshwar Bhakti to make it possible.

- Jaydeep M., India, 9-May-2021

Could physically and mentally feel peace

This puja made a huge personal difference for me. I was feeling attacked and this puja made me feel safe.

- Amie Patel, USA, 23-April-2021

Thank you

Thank you very very much. God bless all of you on this Ram Navami for helping everyone with their prayers.

- Shobhana Devi, Australia, 21-April-2021

Overwhelming experience

I have no words to thank your Pandit ji and team. It is very overwhelming for me to see such a dedication. Money is mere nothing in front of how much everyone has put their heart and soul in the Puja. A big thanks to you, Mayank. I am really speechless by the service, Mayank.

- Dr. M. P., USA, 25-March-2021


Thank you for offering the cow and bull donation services. It's incredibly amazing. It has provided me with spiritual experiences that have allowed me to survive extreme sufferings. I’m incredibly grateful.

- Andrea W., Canada, 24-March-2021

Special experience

What a special experience. Having an opportunity to look through the photos and videos really helps you to connect with the ritual, everyone involved and to feel it through. Thank you for all the great work that you are doing. May Universe send you many blessings.

- Natalia Pletneva, Australia, 16-March-2021

Sold house at my price!

Thank you so much for this beautiful video. I had so much anxiety about selling the house, I played your puja video just in the background to calm me down... we received two offers on the house and sold at the price we wanted. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, many blessings.

- YouTube Subscriber, 1-March-2021

You are the best

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to get God’s blessings. I was searching for the right platform , as there are lots of websites providing online puja but they are not satisfactory, most of them don’t have any clue what they are doing. And no good service. You are the best I have seen.

- Amish Patel, USA, 13-February-2021

Intensely grateful

Yes, the Ganesh puja was very, very powerful.  Thank you, thank very much for creating this unique possibility. Please let Panditji know that we’re intensely grateful. Actually there are no words to express our happiness and gratefulness for what you all are doing over there. Luckily you can feel that.

- Kries Manniesing, Netherlands, 21-January-2021

Five star service

Very impressed with the communication and the puja being completed. Very grateful to all the pandits and staff. It all looks so amazing. I have been recommending you to all my family and friends. Truly blessed.

- Purkh S., UK, 20-January-2021

You are God's angel for me

What can I say about your service, words can't explain it. Mayank and team are helping me change my life that was not going anywhere and everything was a mystery and darkness. The services I have used really doesn't matter but at the end of day I do see a light, my wife finds me a different person and though I have never seen God but all of you are God's angel for me.

- Rajnish H., Canada, 14-January-2021

Reiki Healing

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the healing that I received. My health is good and I am grateful to you and your team for healing me.

- Ravi Thaker, UK, 11-January-2021

Great service

You have done us a great service and we all feel so blessed and happy! Actually all my family were feeling better after seeing the puja. It was very impressive. I’m indebted to you brother, you’ve done a fantastic job. I hope god keeps us on this blessed path together.

- PRS. Suraj, UK, 10-January-2021

Wonderful results

Thank you for performing Cow donation on my behalf. The results are incredible and amazing. I'm incredibly grateful.

- Andrea W., USA, 24-December-2020

It was a success!

I’m astonished. I just had a two year long nightmare end virtually overnight! Thank you.

- Joe Vitale, USA, 17-November-2020

Just listed house for sale

At 1:40 p.m., Pacific Time, Friday, October 2, 2020,  I just found this mantra.  The listing for a house that we have not been able to sell for the past 7 years just listed for sale yesterday. I don't want to deal with renters EVER again. Thank you for this pooja!

- Barbara Campbell, YouTube subscriber, 9-October-2020

Healing services

My mother actually had a good sleep last night without having to take the western medicine, which was great. My mother is feeling better, she managed to sleep in the morning too, which she hasn't been able to for months. 

- Rishi B., UK, 7-October-2020

Root Chakra ritual

Feeling so grateful. It looked so beautiful. Remember, last time we did this puja, it had amazing energy and results. And this time, I could feel waves of the "Lam" beeja mantra lapping up against my skin, last night during the puja. Remarkable. The air around me was pulsating. I have never had that experience before. 

- Gayatri H., USA, 28-September-2020

Excellent customer service

This is the second time I have gotten them to perform Mahamrityunujay yagna. As usual, the customer service is excellent. Definitely will return for more yagnas.

- Alvin C., Singapore, 19-September-2020

Authentic services

Great puja services by Mr. Mayank and the priests involved. Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

- Deven D.V., Australia, 6-September-2020

Ganesh Chaturthi Puja

Thanks  for  the  puja  and  photos and videos, feel so Good. Really appreciate your efforts and the priests. It was immediately scheduled on a short notice of half hour.

- Dilip Varsani, Australia, 23-August-2020

Very very very nice

The essentials donation was done in a very very very nice way. Thank you so much Prabhu. Thank you again.

- Vikas Sharma, Belgium, 6-August-2020

Very grateful

We are very happy, satisfied, and moved by this beautiful puja. Very grateful. This help us to stay connected and receptive.

- Antonino Enrique De La Puente, Colombia, 16-July-2020

Excellent service

I would recommend Eshwar Bhakti's services to anyone looking for a yagya, that is the real deal. Mayank suggested I do the Kuber yagya and I did feel a difference. He and his team are excellent at what they do and I will definitely be using their services again. It was certainly a pleasant experience. Many thanks to Eshwar Bhakti and team.

- Kavitha, South Africa, 5-June-2020

Felt Blissful change

A very big thank you to Mr. Mayank and his team for their prompt arrangement and completion of Puja. Everything was communicated well, we as a family feel completely satisfied and felt the blissful atmosphere change at home during the puja ceremony in India. Special thanks to Mayank Sir, he is truly sincere and promptly answered all queries any time of the day. Wishing success to all of you at Eshwar Bhakti.

- Venkateswari B., UAE, 30-May-2020

Recovery from Coronavirus !

The Hanuman puja and the Mrityunjaya yagna helped my father persevere and weather through the storm of coronavirus. After 35 days in the hospital, he has been discharged and recovering at home. Thank you.

- Stephen, USA, 25-May-2020

Akashic Reading- Authentic Experiences

I had dreams, visions and more answers during the month of healings. I can say for sure it works.

- Ganesh V., Canada, 3-May-2020

Wish fulfilled

I feel like a valued customer of Eshwar Bhakti. My wish got fulfilled in 2 days after the completion of my puja. I highly recommend Eshwar Bhakti for those who believe in pujas.

- Monika Bains, USA, 1-May-2020

Keep up the excellent work

Hello Mayank and the Eshwar Bhakti team. Thank you for all your hard work in providing the puja and havan service to sanctify the Rahu planet in my birth chart. I appreciate it very much. During the first day of the puja it was midnight in Canada and I felt that the darkness that was blocking me was being purged, cleansed and removed from me. Also, the second day puja was a good night in Canada for me as I slept well. And after the completion of the puja I felt my anger, my hatred, my negative thoughts and hurt was all lifted from my mind. I am calm, clear and full of compassionate thoughts. I feel like the toxic sludge of dark karma lifted from me. I hope to do more puja with the Eshwar Bhakti team, Masters of Tantra. 

- Ganesh V., Canada, 15-April-2020

High energy

Thanks for arranging the Ketu vedic puja. The high energy received from the ceremony is amazing. The pictures and videos are appreciated, it helped me to clearly understand the process.

- Jason McIntosh, USA, 5-April-2020

Shiva Chandi Yagya

Within 12 days of the completion of the yagya, I started to lose weight and have better vision in both eyes and my broken bones have stopped cracking. My  best wishes and blessings for all of you there.

- Tajesh Sharma, Australia, 27-March-2020

Delivered results which other priests couldn't do even after 10 years

I started to see the result in a matter of few days upon the completion of my Das Mahavidya Maha yagya. My health is good and there is a lot of mental peace. I had darshan of Durga devi and received all my answers. The local doctors wanted me to be in hospital but now whatever I say they listen. I have more money left than ever before and all the people who were trying to perform black magic on me have disappeared suddenly. Mayank ji and his team of pandits have done what I have been asking other pandits through several websites in the last 10 years. I am now a loyal bhakt of Eshwar Bhakti. Just give them your birth details and they will suggest you the best yagya for any problem. Trust Mayank ji and his pandits to fulfill your desire quickly.

- Pradyum Acharya, Australia, 21-February-2020

Really appreciate your timely and much needed gift!

During the week you were healing, I did feel more tired than usual as I slept about 11 - 12 hours every night. Maybe, my body was releasing a lot of stuff to make room to integrate your healing energy. Although I didn’t notice any other sudden changes, I’ve been feeling other more subtle benefits. For example, my body seems more efficient at processing food and feels like it's gradually becoming stronger on less food. My stomach doesn’t really bother me at all when I sometimes eat food that it’s sensitive or intolerant to. I still feel something stuck in my throat. Though this feeling is diminishing. I feel that I may need it a few nutritional supplements.

Lately, I’ve been feeling an increase in my personal power and decision-making ability. I’m improving at setting boundaries, dropping beliefs & other things that no longer serve me, following my intuition, receiving blessings and taking appropriate action when necessary. Those all sound like the domain of the 3rd chakra, relates to the stomach.

It feels like whatever was blocking my ability to manifest the type of work I desire is disappearing for good. Once again, I really appreciate your timely and much needed gift!

- Lyndon, USA, 20-February-2020

Die hard fan!

Thanks a million for being so brutally honest. It is very hard to find people like you in India. I have become a die hard fan of yours. I know you are a pure soul and will help me.

- Mukesh B., India, 3-February-2020

Favourable opportunities

I thank the Eshwar Bhakti team, especially Mr. Mayank and Vimal ji for their individual approach and quality work. After carrying out the puja rituals and with the power of Wealth Talismans, my life has changed: obstacles in business have disappeared, favorable opportunities for spiritual and financial growth have appeared. I wish you all prosperity and blessings of the Divine Mother and Father.

- Tatiana G., Russia, 13-January-2020

Absolutely amazing Wealth Talismans

Faith is to believe in what you cannot see. Within 15 days of receiving my Wealth Talismans from nowhere I got a new job with a very good financial package. I highly recommend all services from Mayank and PujaYagna.

- N.B., Ilford, UK, 12-January-2020

Free Healing service

Wow! Thank you so much, Mayank. This is very kind. I feel much lighter and energized. I did notice different troubles have come to an end in the last couple of days and I'm taking action on things I've wanted to do for a long time. This experience was easy and enlightening.

- Jason McIntosh, USA, 10-January-2020

Got an offer!

I played this mantra yesterday and today. This afternoon, I got an offer for my flat. I already had the previous sale fall through. So, thank you so much for this pooja, I pray this sale goes through, but either way thank you and God bless you for taking the time to post this pooja and help other people.

- Hina Soni, YouTube subscriber, 7-January-2020

Brahmins Bhojan

It feels nice to feed brahmins on your website, because if there are brahmins then they give boons for health and wealth and to beget children.

- Kunjal T., U.K., 25-December-2019

Wealth Talismans

Please accept sincere bow to you and all the Brahmins for all the good work that you do. Your services are a real blessing in this day and age. I've been feeling the positive energy from the Kubera key, no doubt about that! My dreams have been much more vivid since I've been wearing it.

- Yuri M., USA, 23-November-2019

Kuber Puja

I want to thank the bhagwan for everything that has happened in the past few days. A long overdue situation that has been going on since 6 years was resolved in my favour so suddenly. 

- Rekha S., Canada, 16-November-2019

Got an offer for my property!

The ritual to sell a property works, my house has sat on the market for months with no offers. After a week of this mantra I got an offer.

- Jenna Dray, YouTube subscriber, 24-October-2019

Ashta Lakshmi Maha Yagna

I have noticed many benefits from this yagya. All my books are getting published and I am getting several offers for marriage. 

- Pradyum Acharya, Australia, 21-October-2019

Shraadh Puja

I am very happy! My sincere gratitude to you and my reverence to the priests and to the Vedas!.

- Antonino Enrique De La Puente, Colombia, 11-October-2019

Brahmins Bhojan

It is a great service that we can feed brahmins through your website. Thank you.

- Ravi T., U.K., 10-October-2019

I felt her whisper to me

Yesterday (sep 26th) as I’m working on exterior of a house, suddenly I feel the presence of my mother’s side grandma. She is feeling happy, as though given parole for good behavior from prison. I felt her whisper to me if I needed anything and just checking up on me. Then suddenly out of nowhere I heard a crow’s voice for a brief few seconds in real-time. I haven’t heard or seen any crows ever in that area before. Thank you for the Shraadh Puja that you did for my ancestors on September 14th. My humble bow to you and all the Brahmins who participated.

- Yuri Mayorchak, USA, 27-September-2019

Awesome services

Great Powerful Pujas, Keep up the Good work Mr. Mayank and all the Priests involved. Thank you so much for the services you provide.

- Dilip V., Australia, 27-September-2019

I am crying all over the place

I have found a person that I really long for ever since spirituality started to reveal itself to me. You Sir, are the only person who truly knows the inner struggle I am going through. I thanked you personally in our 1st phone conversation but even so I wish that you may kindly accept my "never enough" and "humble words" of "deep gratitude" and "love" for sharing such caring and precious messages! All your messages carry such a profound feeling and meaning to me, specially the phone calls! It truly shows how kind, caring, loving, genuine (there are so many beautiful words...), magnificent, divine heart/person you truly are. You have "touched" my heart and my soul since the beginning, Mr. Goyal.

I am so blessed to know you and I wish (my poor words will never be enough!), to thank "Mother Goddess as well as Lord Shiva to show me the way to you, Mr. Goyal !". You are like a "gem" to me. I will keep you in my heart! Thank you soo much, Mr. Goyal ! (I am crying all over the place!!!).

- Daniel M., Portugal, 21-September-2019

Better relationship with my Boss

My relationship with my boss has taken new turn for the better. He understands my life problems and what I am going through. He wants me to take employee assistance program. I am happy my superior is on my side. He values my contribution and is happy with my performance.

- Thanikachalam A., USA, 21-September-2019

Aum Aum Aum

Services provided with a personal care and ongoing updated information. Very highly appreciated. May all beings be healthy, may all beings be happy.

- Ricky A., Indonesia, 31-August-2019

Puja at Trayambkeshwar temple

Pooja appeared to be good. I could feel lot of positivity. It is relaxing for me. Thank you. 

- Vineet, UK, 26-August-2019

Current was running

Many thanks to all the Pandits who have done Chandi Puja for me. I am very grateful to them. During the sankalpa, felt like a current was running through my body. I have a good feeling that it is done very well. Again many thanks to you all. Especially to you Mr. Mayank for the fast and correct communication. May you all have the blessing of MAA Durga.

- Koemarsing, Netherlands, 25-June-2019

High precision and quality

Accept my sincere thanks and respect! I had surprising experience, thanks to your professional team. All rituals were done with high precision, love and high quality. My thanks are infinite! I wish you prosperity! I will surely come to you again and will recommend your services!

- Tatiana, Russia, 15-May-2019

Worked Very Well

The Black magic removal puja service was well done and it helped out a lot. Thank You.

- Kristall P., USA, 7-April-2019

It was a powerful experience

I could feel the energy of the puja strongly for the first hour and at different times throughout the day. I felt really expanded front and back of heart chakra for a few hours. I deeply appreciate the care, personal feedback and authenticity in the services I received during the 3 days of priests diligently working on my behalf.

I am praying that the moon is smiling on me now, and will support more happiness, wealth and protection in my life. I did my part with fasting, japa and meditation; it was a powerful experience. God bless you and all of the priests. Thank you also for answering my questions and helping me to understand how to navigate upcoming challenges.

- Amy B., USA, 28-February-2019


Great Pujas and ritual remedies. Keep up the good work Mr. Mayank.

- Dilip V., Australia,19-January-2019

Sold my house in 48 hours !

This really works and it works fast! I started listening to this puja and before the video was even finished, I got a call from a potential buyer for my home. Exactly 48 hours later, he bought my home!

- Tammie Collins, YouTube follower, 29-December-2018

Very touched

Please thank the priests for the beautiful ceremony they did for my brother. Both of us are very touched by it and loved watching the videos. It was beautiful.

- Siobhan, Ireland, 22-November-2018

Highly recommended Puja and Yagya service! 5 Stars!

I am very happy with the puja done by Eshwar Bhakti. Mayank is very professional and always replies to emails. I feel safe to share personal details with him. Puja is always done on time and one can talk to the priest at the time of sankalp taking. I highly recommend Eshwar Bhakti for all their spiritual services, and I will use their services again. May God bless them. 

- Dushyant, Australia, 19-October-2018

I knew it is working

It was a great experience to have this service done for me. From the first of nine days of the recitation after taking Sankalpa I knew it was working because I could feel shivers on my skin from time to time. Panditji had a lot of work to do praying for my ancestors because my bloodline karma is very heavy. On the last ninth day five pandits were doing Puja in my name and I felt a great relief - it was like a heavy load was off. Thank you for great help. God willing I will order this service again.

- T. Sosnina, UK, 12-October-2018

Put be back on track

Lately I found it very difficult to follow Ekadashi practice. This Puja put me back on the track - it was quite easy for me to fast and pray again not only during the Ekadashi when the Puja was performed, but during the next one as well. Thank you very much for your help.

- Tamara, UK, 16-September-2018

Thank you sooo much

I like the level of professionalism about the procedure of the prayer. Loved the photos and video clippings and the pandit that performed my prayer was very focused and can see it was done with love. I shall order more soon.

- Emilie B., Australia, 8-August-2018

Honest and efficient service

It has been a real pleasure to commission the services of Mayank, at all times he has answered my doubts quickly and clearly. Everything has been done with the utmost diligence and care. Highly recommended, I will surely request your services again.

- Jose R., Spain, 31-July-2018

Very professional service

Pictures of the ritual were sent to me on the day the service was promised. Glad to have come across Eshwar Bhakti.  :)

- Amol J., USA, 21-July-2018

Amazing team of very qualified priests

Amazing team of very qualified priests and administrators! I can feel the power all the way across the globe from these processes. I endorse Eshwar Bhakti, this is the real deal!!! Pranams and Blessings!

- Shai, USA, 29-June-2018

Daily Puja subscription

This has been an excellent experience! I am very pleased with the benefits received. Thank you.

- Andrew S., USA, 18-June-2018

Such a beautiful institution in India

I had ordered a Santan Gopal Paath and Yagna to fulfill an obligation from an astrological reading. Mayank has been more than responsive to my questions and always prompt. The DVD and Prasad were shipped and delivered in a timely manner. I watched the entire DVD, and felt tears rolling my eyes and was pleased to know the reverence and grace with which this was accomplished by Pundits of Eshwar Bhakti.

I am grateful! for such beautiful institutions in India that enable people like me who live so far away to accomplish and fulfill much-needed obligations. It's a real Punya for Mayank to be able to be the founding father of Eshwar Bhakti.

- Anagha, USA, 13-June-2018

Was able to buy a new Home

I want you to thank you for the spiritual work you did for me in the past. The Hindu prayers you did on my behalf worked. I was able to buy a new home and moved from one end of the United States to another. A journey that took me 5 days of travelling through scary mountain passes to reach Washington state, near the border of Canada. At times I got really scared, especially when driving through thick fog at night, so I just called on the help of every deity name I could remember to get me safely to my new home, and it worked.

- Hedy McCray, USA, 6-June-2018

Excellent service to details

It was a pleasure to work with Mayank and how the cow donation service is handled by Eshwar Bhakti. I was informed on what to expect in advance, recommendations about diet fasting and Sankalpa were made which I had time to follow and I could call and connect with the priest at the time of Puja. Pictures and Video of the puja were emailed to me. - with gratitude towards the availability of this service.

- Anagha, USA, 18-May-2018

Excellent service

Really good service, prompt and helpful responses. Quality and qualified brahmins performing the ceremonies!

- Asha J., UK, 17-April-2018

Highly impressed

Your service is very good and effective. I am highly impressed with the delivery and puja process.

- Hemant, USA, 16-April-2018

Friend (sakha) of Lord Krishna

My humblest regards and salute with utmost respect to Mayank Ji for making "Gau Daan (cow donation)" at a very short notice. He must be one of the Sakhas (friend) of Lord Krishna in Vrindaavan along with other Gopalas during "Krishna-Avatar" age. Otherwise, who has time to do this kind of laborious work as per vedic-scriptures ... when you may use your time and intellect to get rich and wealthy. MayankJi ..... you must be blessed by HIS divine grace and bliss, to continue this legacy to serve. God bless you and all. JAY BHOLE!

- Bipin Patel, USA, 7-April-2018

Out of the way

Thank you Mayank ji for always being there and going out of the way for your clients.

- S. Shabbbir, Pakistan, 1-April-2018

Lovely Sight

What a lovely sight, homa and offerings. Thanks for performing this Ganesh puja for me.

- Marten Backstrom, Sweden, 23-March-2018

Success rate is 100%

The Balaji rituals worked in a bit unusual way...I got 2880 €, but none the less it is way over 100% of the sum that I had invested. Success rate is 100%. Well indeed a very interesting result. Very good result, I should say ! I am grateful and satisfied with the result.

- Michael B. , Austria, 15-March-2018

Fantastic experience!

This was the 1st time I've ordered a cow feeding and it was lovely. There was also an emotional cleanse at the beginning and end was uplifting and cathartic. Thank you!

- Andrea W. , Canada, 12-March-2018

Happy to Join

I am happy to join the rank of devotees who have worshiped Sri Krishna through the Ekadashi puja. Thank you kindly!!! I am relieved that I had participated in this puja, because it's a bench mark of Thakurji Seva. I would like to thank all Brahmins who have made it possible for me to partake. Hare Krishna!!!

- Fernando R., USA, 3-March-2018

Amazing Feeling

Around the time when the Brahmins started doing my puja on MahaShivratri, I felt a sudden uplifting of energy for a few brief moments, it was an amazing feeling. 

- Yuri Mayorchak, USA, 15-February-2018

Different from other Online Puja services

Many thanks to you. Your service is very professional, different from other online puja services.

- Nick, USA, 14-February-2018

Really appreciate

Thank you so much for the puja and the photos, really appreciate it. I look forward to performing other services using this platform in future as well. Thanks again.

- Rekha, Canada, 11-February-2018

Great service, trustworthy company

The yagna/puja you did for me has proven very effective and I received a job offer only a couple of weeks after the ritual. I spent a lot of time looking for a trustworthy company to order my puja online. I am so fortunate to have come across Eshwar Bhakti as my experience with them has been nothing but incredible. Mayank is very professional to deal with and my puja has proven effective. I highly recommend Eshwar Bhakti.

- Naboga, Australia, 5-February-2018

Truly grateful 

Thank you so much. I feel so much positive after the Yagya. I'm truly grateful for this.

- Derrick Anderson, USA, 28-January-2018

I am so excited 

I did a puja through and I am happy to say I got much more results than I had expected. I am feeling a huge positive difference physically and mentally. I really appreciate their service. Will definitely be their customer for years to come.

- Sanka, USA, 4-January-2018

Ekadashi Puja 

Thank you from the heart for doing the Ekadashi Puja. Much love and blessings.

- Natalia S., Russia, 15-December-2017

Amazing coincidence ! 

Thank you for everything! Wonderful pictures. As I see the pandits are worshiping Ladu Gopala deity. We are worshiping the same form in our home. Amazing coincidence! Thank you again for very fast arrangement of the yagna and patience with payment.

- Saci Devi, Bulgaria, 6-December-2017

I would use your services again

Thank you very much for doing this puja ritual for me. I have seen the ritual pictures and that's great. I would use your services again when the time comes. Thank you.

- Ketan B., UK, 4-December-2017

Thank you very Much !

Your services were professionally guided, as per my occasional experience. We hope to have a good results from the service you have made for us, so far.

- Kess Bonnet, Bulgaria, 16-November-2017

Feel satisfied

I feel satisfied that you have given fodder to the cows and I hope I can make such donations to your company many times more.

- Ravi Thaker, UK, 9-November-2017

Immense Blessings

This is my second time of booking Ganesha Chaturthi Puja. I am pleased to have received the wonderful video of the puja. Hope everybody can share my pleasure.

I am indebted to Lord Ganesha, he has been showering immense blessings to me. I am indebted to Mayank's perfect arrangement, as well as to priest Shri Vimal ji for conducting such high professional puja for me.

- Ray L., China, 25-September-2017

Experienced a Miracle

I can say that I have experienced a miracle. I had donated $75 for feeding cows and I have earned $750 more this month. Actually, I am housewife, but sometimes I get baby sitting. So, after a long gap, this month I have got. Thank you. And my ambition is to serve more and more cows.

- Jignasha Joshi , USA, 1-September-2017

Gautran Daan

I had them do Gautran Daan for me. Mayank Goyal was prompt in his response and gave a start and finish date. He sent me the pictures along with confirmation when it was done. I liked his communication style which was appropriate but not too much. Thanks.

- Akannsha S. , USA, 29-August-2017

Very Happy

We are very happy with your services. God bless you and your team! I plan to avail your services in future as well.

- Pawan S. , USA, 27-July-2017

Connecting people with God

Mayankji - thank you for sending the photos and a big thank you for such wonderful service for connecting people with God. Continue sending us best wishes and prayers.

- Shikha J. , USA, 26-June-2017

Impressive team

I have received the DVD and prasada today! The precision of the realization is impressive! You have a impressive team of priests! Thanks for the puja ! You guys completely deserve all the appreciation for all that you do.

- Raymond Earl Watson Junior, USA, 18-May-2017

Beyond belief grateful

Please accept my warm obeisances to you and your team. I am beyond belief grateful and wanted you to know this. I wish Krishna and Radha to be always by your side and for you to receive all their blessings, without reservation.

- Oksana , Russia, 26-Feb-2017

Excellent service

Professional and efficient service with great communication throughout every step of the process. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach the priest for Sankalpa, but I received immediate followup from Mayank. The package with prasad and DVD arrived in a timely fashion. Very satisfied and would certainly utilize the service again. Keep up the good work.

- Kevin N. , USA, 11-Feb-2017

Cherry on top of cake

Thank you for conducting Gau seva on my behalf. I feel satisfied and content with the services offered and photos sent are like cherry on top of cake. Personally I have a great feeling that the holy cows were fed with love, care and dignity. I will definitely use your services/platform again.

- Sidhaartha Chauhaan, UK, 6-Jan-2017

Create memories for life times

The service I have received has been impressive. You can always count on professional, prompt service at this business. In the context of SEVA or selfless service, the service is something that will create memories to remember for life times.

The staff have a demeanor of service that is incomparable to the service industry, I have realized. The yagna, homa services can be customized to your exact specification. The services rendered to me have created a new sense of belief in me relating to the business, it's products, it's knowledgeable and dynamic staff. Shop with them!.

- Raymond Earl Watson Junior, USA, 18-Dec-2016

Closed a Real Estate Deal

The service provided by Eshwar Bhakti and team is excellent. I always receive detailed follow up photos of the yagnas/homas that I order. I have also noticed some positive effects in my life after the yagnas, as an example: I was able to close on a real estate deal and retrieve the money that I had invested in 2012, otherwise I feel as though I would of lacked the grace of Gods to conjure up enough intuition to make the right decisive decisions that led me to that transaction. So, I would definitely consider ordering a few more yagna services in the upcoming year.

- Yuri, MI, USA, 5-Nov-2016

Cow Donation Service

Excellent, plan to buy many more cows in the future, love the service.

- Walter M., AL, USA, 13-Oct-2016

Cow Ritual

Puja was performed as per the traditions. I felt happy about the service provided.

- Venkata R., NJ, USA, 4-Oct-2016

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's teachings

Mayank, Namaste, my friend. I can feel the Holy presence of your organization, Eshwar Bhakti. The Puja Yagna services, seems very good, done with pure mind and heart. One of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's teachings is simple, he says "Simply Yagnas, Yajnas and Yagyas, and the best place to perform them is in the land of the Vedas, Bharata Varsha, India".

- Nantambu Satchidananda, Connecticut, USA, 24-Sep-2016

The Puja was done with heart

I am happy to receive the photos of the Ganesha Puja. They are beautiful and I can feel the Puja was done with heart. Thanks to you and the priest. Looking forward to the Lord Ganesha's blessing very soon.

- Ray Luen, Hong Kong, 6-Sep-2016

Miracle happened

I've ordered the Baglamukhi Puja and Yagna at the time of the biggest crisis of my life, when I faced a legal problem with potentially ten years prison sentence. I liked the fact that I could call the priest for Sankalpa as some other websites didn't include this in service and I think it's particularly important to make a personal connection with place where puja and yagna are held. I was given a mantra to chant on the day and I followed this advise. In just few weeks time, my solicitor called and said that the case against me is going to be closed and that she didn't expect this to happen. I received the official confirmation of it's being done today.

I am very greatful to all the priests and Mr Mayank Goyal personally for making this miracle happen. God bless you all!

- Tamara S., Norfolk, UK, 18-June-2016

Ati Rudra and Vishnu Maha Yagnas

I am very happy and I think all the pundits are happy, too. The work has been completed. It was done with devotion and attention to every detail. I must say that my reverence and affection for the service of the pundits grew every day. Now it is in a level which words cannot express.

Despite not being able to understand a simple sentence in Hindi, the language of the heart told me about the sincerity of your devotion; your commitment to the yagna; the greatness of your acharyas; your knowledge of the Vedas; your understanding of the Sanathana Dharma. Please accept my gratitude.

My special recognition to the head punditji for his leadership, organizational skills and hospitality. His guidance and explanations made it possible to understand some esoteric issues of the pujas. I thank all the teachings, patience and considerations that you had with me.

I thank Mr Mayank Ji for the good organization of the event. Professionally and spiritually, the service rendered of these very sophisticated pujas, fulfilled all the expectations. His role in customer service was crucial to communicate successfully with the pandits and experiencing the pujas comfortably. I wish a lot of success for his company. Bringing the pujas to the global market is a great service to the world, and also to the Brahmin community.

To The Supreme Being, Lord Ganesh, Lord Rudra, Lord Vishnu, all the deities, great beings, holy, teachers, who participated in the yagas, please accept our gratitude, reverence and devotion.

Tomorrow when I return to Colombia I will remember all of you with gratitude, respect and love. May God blesses us with the opportunity to perform another big puja in this life.

- Enrique Cordoba, Colombia, 1-June-2016

Astonished by puja performance

The service provided is wonderful and thanks for the performance of ritual with immense dedication. I was astonished by performance of Ati Rudra Yagna and it's acceptance by the divine in the form of rains. Hats off, awesome commitment and I really admire your work.

- Kiran, Ethiopia, 22-May-2016

The Best in this area

I know you for many years and for sure you are the best in this area !!! I always have a very valuable advice and consultations from you. Many blessing to you, your family and business !!.

- Tatyana L., North Billerica, USA, 13-May-2016

Great service in the age of Kaliyuga

Thank you for organizing these pujas/yagnas for me on May 9th. I'm very happy that you provide this great service in the age of Kaliyuga. I wish you liberation from this material universe and happiness forever, after your lifetime on this realm.

- Yuri M., Westland, USA, 12-May-2016

Blessed services

Thank you very much. Really appreciate you and the priest providing blessed services. And sure Lord Shiva will bestow his kindness and grace on my health.

- Reena D., USA, 18-April-2016

It worked !

The Balaji puja worked !!! Today, I won 810 € from the state lottery that I play with ! Very good, thank you very much !.

- Michael B., Austria, 13-April-2016

You have continued to impress me

You have produced a exceptional service that I am rating as a pivotal foundation to the basis of realisation. You have continued to impress me and serve me at the same time. I see your service as payment for the sell's of differences that exist on the planet's of creation! I have received some prasad (sales) that I am confident in the impression's service.

- Raymond W. , USA, 12-Mar-2016

I am in a quite "well-off" situation

Well, the past months were quite interesting for me. I noticed some changes in my thought patterns and behavior. It seems like the "Sri Yantra" sent to me after the puja is quite effective in averting troubles and attracting positive influences. Some strange coincidences occurred which I think are due to the Shri Yantra. I am not rich by now, but I am not in money troubles either. So, I am in a quite "well-off" situation. So in short: It works ! I am quite satisfied with the results.

- Michael B., Austria, 3-Feb-2016

Miraculous effect

There was remarkable improvement in Sanvi's health since the puja was done. Please let the priests know about this. And just after 10 days she has recovered fully. Mahamrityunjay puja has had a miraculous effect. Thank you so much for getting that done.

- Mrityunjay K, Ventura, USA, 19-Jan-2016

Lucky coincidences everyday

The rituals that I have done through "Eshwar Bhakti" have shown quite good effects, especially in the social sector. The people around me are more nice than before. If I go to a shop, then there are only very few people (only 1 or 2), in the waiting row, before me, and at times no people at all. There are many such "lucky coincidences".... everyday... and I am 100% sure, that these are the positive effects of the various rituals that I did.

- Michael B., Austria, 29-Oct-2015

Shraadh Puja

Puja was done in a very professional, and traditional way. Very happy with it.

- Mrityunjay K, Ventura, USA, 17-Oct-2015

 I am grateful

I am glad to receive your e-mail and the photos of the Ganesha Puja. Thank you for the effort of your priests during the course of the 3-days' puja.I am grateful again for the blessings of Ganesha.

- Ray Luen, Hong Kong, 19-Sep-2015

Thanks a million for your selfless service

I'm very lucky that I've managed to book the anushthan at Kamakhya Shakti Peetha, the most powerful Tantric Peetha on Earth. All thanks to Mother Goddess and to you. I'm so grateful that you have offered 1008 lotuses to Maa Kamakhya under my name, which proves you have a very big heart. Thanks a million for your selfless service. And with your help, I know that I will be getting immense blessings from the Mother Goddess.

- Arjun ji, London , UK, 15-July-2015

Kumkum has already materialized

Thank you Mayankji, you are a true saint. You are so blessed, and I feel that we must have had a past life connection for you to do this favour for me, much appreciated. Kumkum has already materialized, at the time of Sankalpa, on the picture of yoni which I downloaded.

- Lata B., Canada, 13-July-2015

Greatly eased the SEVERE blockages

I have had an absolutely fantastic experience with Mayank and the pandits at Eshwar Bhakti. Not only is Mayank extremely professional, prompt with his responses and generous with his time, but I have seen profound changes in my life and that of my husband’s through the pujas we have conducted via Eshwar Bhakti.

We conducted special pujas to balance the planets and the great Maha Mrityunjaya puja so far and are still reveling in the beneficial aftermath of these powerful yagnas. They truly work! The sheer volume of the mantras chanted and the strict rules followed by the Eshwar Bhakti pandits during the homas have greatly eased the SEVERE blockages we have been facing in our careers, our conjugal life and health. In addition, I am making much better progress in my own personal spiritual journey.

I initially had my doubts about the efficacy of conducting such pujas and some reservations about the cost, but all these have now vanished. In fact, I am planning to do all the pujas recommended, over time. I would strongly urge others to use the services of Eshwar Bhakti. They are genuine and trusted advisors and can really help make a difference in your life.

- Jaanhvi, San Francisco, USA, 3-July-2015

Saw Lord Krishna himself in a dream

Everything is quite good for me so far. I noticed that things begin to run quite "smooth" for me. It really works! My money also stays in my bank account.

I think I have even seen Lord Krishna himself in a dream ! I always thought, that only when you complete a ritual would anything happen !  However, in my dream I was lying on the floor, then suddenly a young boy....kind of teenager (with some ornaments and bluish hue) came to me (looking almost exactly like Lord Krishna in the pictures !), and smeared my whole left side of the body with some "slimy substance"...from head to toe. I was perplexed and asked: "What is this for" ? The "Teenager" (with the "bluish hue") looked directly in my eyes, and said: "It is for your heart!" When I woke up.... ever since there is no pain in my heart.

- Michael B., Austria, 29-June-2015

 Gau Navratri

Fantastic service by Eshwar Bhakti. I'm very glad that I've managed to arrange 1.25 Lakh of Surabhi mantra, Cow donation, feeding 11 brahmins and 11 kumari kanya and 11 days Gau seva on the occasion of Gau Navratri. Funny enough, this is the only place which provides such service for Gau Mata. All thanks to Mayankji. May Gau Mata bless you with long life and fulfill all your wishes. Million times thank you.

- Arjun ji, London, UK, 23-Apr-2015

Very Positive

I feel very positive and light! The beleaguered feeling of the past repeating is not there. Marriage is peaceful. The general scenario is hopeful. Thank you.

- Sunita C., London, UK, 9-Apr-2015

Really Overwhelming

It was very wonderful 9 days - really overwhelming at times. Thanks for taking care of this - I really appreciate all the efforts that you put in to this. Please pay my regards to Maa Baglamukhi and PanditJi as well.

- Sourabh K., Reston, USA, 5-Apr-2015

I have been guided

Since the Puja, I have been guided to drink Golden Milk: mixture of Turmeric, Ginger, Milk, Ghee and Sweetener each day, this tonic has been real satisfying. Ways to enhance my health have came to my awareness also. This supports the wish request I submitted with the Puja.

- Lorie S., Mt. Pleasant, USA, 31-Mar-2015

Full Satisfaction

Dear Mayank Ji..I always have full satisfaction when ordering any puja as you give us a clear picture on how the puja will be conducted. Therefore, I always love to have pujas done with Mayank Ji. His response and courage always helps to reduce the burden or the sadness that one could have. Thank you again Mayank Ji for your kind assistance and patience in replying all sort of questions posted to you. Thank you.

- Jaya oni, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2-Mar-2015

Efficient Service

I had a great experience with the pooja service from EB. They are very kind and helpful. They answered all my questions and provided timely information. They helped me beyond the initial pooja service for my situation.

- Taru J, Harrison, USA, 1-Mar-2015

Great guidance

Great guidance & support given by Mayank ji when choosing a puja. Even the most experienced of Devotees needs a little help and guidance sometimes..... Mayank ji helps, supports, counsels and guides you to making and taking the right choices in your life.

Some of you might have a question "Are online pujas effective ?" Or "How It Works" . Let me tell you it is your belief, that makes it work. And yes, it has worked for me. So, believe in it and it should work for you as well !

Thank u, Thank u, Thank u Mayank ji!...... may u always enlighten and enrich others in their lives as you have done for me!

- Nadiya B, Ilford, United Kingdom, 28-Feb-2015

Maha Rudra Puja and Yagna

The service was delivered in my name last week. I was given priest's phone number so I received blessings over the phone at the beginning of Puja.  This made it very special. I would recommend this company to all my friends and am looking forward to use it again in the future.

- Tamara S, Norfolk, United Kingdom, 26-Feb-2015

Things are moving in the right direction

I was told I would see changes in the next 2-3 weeks and I'm still waiting for something that I can really say has changed but it hasn't. I have faith though and do see somethings that are moving in the right direction. Hopefully I can catch that big break I've been dreaming about soon.

- Jose Magana, Saginaw, USA, 26-Feb-2015

Highly recommended

Excellent service, very professional and quick to reply to all queries. Thanks so much!

- Julia C, Tucson, USA, 20-Feb-2015

Effective online puja service

Excellent, and effective online puja service, highly recommend it.

- Mrityunjay K, Ventura, USA, 17-Feb-2015

Many Thanks

Namaste Mayankji,
Thanks for the puja. May God keep his blessings on you always. Many thanks again and again.
- Janhavi, Waterloo, Belgium, 5-Feb-2015

 Already feeling a difference

Mayank, Thanks so much for your help and advice. We stayed up all night and did the chants you sent and others for Maha Laxmi. We are already feeling a difference in our lives. I will contact you in February about doing one of the other Yagnas you recommended.
Love and Light,
- Elearia Rochelle, NC, USA , 18-Jan-2015

Enlightening Experience

Namaste Mayank,
Please express our heart felt gratitude to the pundits and everyone else who participated in our yagna.  It was a strong and enlightening experience. We will definitely be doing more in the coming months.
Stay well,
- Georgia MC, NC, USA , 16-Jan-2015

Ganesha Chaturthi Puja is a Very Powerful Puja

I highly recommend the Ganesha Chaturthi Puja. This 11 consecutive days’ of Puja is absolutely a very powerful Puja! It overcame and minimize all my difficulties, unlucky things and even disaster during my year of 2014!

As a practicer of Chinese Astrology, I-Ching and various kind of divinations for over 15 years, I can predict 2014 for me is a very hard year. The Chinese Astrology, which is based on the time of birth, can tell I am having troublesome especially in winter. The I-Ching, more obviously and exactly, can tell a Disaster will happen in December! As I was anxious what to do by this bad luck omen, I received an e-mail from Mayank Ji inviting me to book the Ganesha Chaturthi Puja to get Lord Ganesha’s blessings on His birthday 2014. I was hesitated if I should book the Puja. “Will Lord Ganesha help me? “ I remembered a month ago I bought a English book “ MO : Tibetan Divination System”in Chinese edition. This could be a good chance to practice it to see my future. As I know, Tibetan monks use this book to tell the fortune for their disciples. Without any guru’s initiation and instruction, I follow the procedure of the book, ask my question “ Will Lord Ganesha help me remove my difficulties and disaster?” While uttering 108 times mantra of the Tibetan Buddhist deity Manjusri, began to swing a dice (this book supplied with this dice), visualizing this Manjusri deity appeared in font of me, with a golden ray sent out from between his eyebrows to shine on the dice that I was swinging in both my hands. I stopped, let the dice dropped down on the table. This action was done twice. I got two words from the dice, Pa Dhi. I opened the book to search the answer of these symbols. At that moment, I was shocked and thrilling! As if this book had heard what I asked, and it answered me exactly what I was asking about and what I was anxious to know, in a most directly and most encouraging way. I translated the Chinese into English as following :

“ Just like Amrita can cure all diseases, 
All the worries can be dissolved, 
Anyone who comes to divine and get this symbol,
Like auspicious clouds gather together to switch into Gold “ 
Signal : You can get auspicious in the South!

Oh my God! I was moved to tears. India is the south direction of Hong Kong! I immediately booked the Ganesha Chaturthi Puja from Mayank Ji.  From the August to December, I chanted Ganesha Mantra and Durga Kali manta whenever I was free. Times flied, December has just passed. I have been living as calm as the sea without storm, without any disease, without any disaster, just some small difficulties on daily job. The book of divination proved accurate, as well as Ganesha Chaturthi Puja proved its true and powerful!

Is it funny to ask a Buddhist deity whether a Hindu deity will help me? Somebody might think one should not use non-Hindus way to do anything divine especially on the Hindus deity. But I don’t think so. Human beings have their different race, different boundary, but God have no race, no boundary, no limit!  

Heartily grateful to Lord Ganesha for his compassion, grateful to Mayank Ji and his priests!
- Ray Luen, Hong Kong, 31-Dec-2014

 Extremely thankful

My son is doing better. He is not recovered but over last month we were able to find root cause of his issues and are now treating those. It happened after the MahaMrityunjaya japa, so I am extremely thankful to the divine.
- Taru J., USA, 26-Dec-2014

 Pujas and homas

Thanking Mayank Goyal for performing pujas and yajnas for me.Thanks once again with all the respect.
- Dheeren Kumar Peelonah, Montagne blanche, 17-Dec-2014

Do Pooja every month

Namaste Mayank; Thank you so much for the beautiful Kubera's Pooja and the DVD of the pooja you did for me! I would like to humbly thank you and the priests for placing my picture by your beautiful altar…which is a big blessing by itself!! Words can not explain how grateful I am for this, thank you!!!!!!!!!!! You are the BEST, and I would have no hesitation to recommend you to all my friends. I am wishing I could do a pooja every month…and so be it:) You really are the Best!! May lord Kubera bless you all !!
-  Ramanthie Pugsley, Canada, 27-Aug-2014

Joe Vitale recommended Yagnas

I was searching for Yagnas, after reading Joe Vitale had success with them. Yagnas feel great. I have noticed changes in my life after having a Yagna. For the Ganesh Festival I'm ordering one, a Yagna during a festival is a powerful time and will enhance the effect of the yagna or puja.
-  Lorie Sienna, South Carolina, USA, 26-Aug-2014

Thanks much

Thanks so much for the puja service I requested last month. I already feel the subtle effects in my life, a sense of well-being and I noticed that my relationships are improving. Thanks so much, I will definitely return.
- JC, USA, 3-Aug-2014  

Very grateful to the Pundits

I am very grateful to the Pundits who pray with me for the health of my beloved. And to Mayank Goyal who made this possible - for his professionalism, his availability at each moment, in sum for the wonderful job he is doing in the service of others. Be blessed, thank you, with all my gratefulness.
Ioana Bena (Devapriya), Switzerland and Romania, 19-June-2014 

A Time Before...  

A time before Eshwar Bhakti.... the words & feelings that formed in my mind and became constant were .... despair, desperation, fear, frustration and desolation. Time now with Eshwar Bhakti my constant mantra and emotions are abundance, enlightenment, enrichment, positivity, focus, empowerment, control, contentment & happiness. I like seeking enlightenment from Eshwar Bhakti, it keeps me on the straight & narrow... Mayank Ji gives me inspiration! May you always be Successful & Happy.
- Kamla Devi, London, UK, 28-May-2014

The Puja and Yagna Service Really Works!

Thank God! The Puja and Yajna service really works!I am heartily thankful to the priests, their tremendous power of invoking and worshiping has successfully call down the blessings from God. Just doing one time of Puja and Yagna has removed my incurable foot pain in 7 days that I had been suffering for a year. How wonderful! My first time to experience the miracle of the Hindu culture. 

I highly recommend the Puja & Yagna service to everyone who is facing obstacles that are beyond his own effort to overcome, and to those who want to fulfill his desires. 

I would also like to thank Goyal ji, he has been executing my purchase orders very promptly and very considerable. May God bless Eshwar Bhakti and priests with prosperity and longevity!
- Ray Luen, Hong Kong, 30-Jan-2014

Words cannot express my gratitude

Thank you for those beautiful thoughts. I thank you Mayank for all the good that you have shown and have done to help me in my being in becoming a better human being within my characteristic behaviour of my own thoughts and actions. My soul is less troubled and more serene. I have stopped resisting, but I do not accept everything. I know the difference between right and wrong, and love and evil. I stand my ground for the good energy frequencies and vibrations. Words cannot express my gratitude alone, for I am in complete awe to have met such intelligent kind and beautiful souls. I will keep in touch and continue as I am. Thank you for the blessings as well.  
Blessings to you too my friend Mayank Goyal.
JJS, Canada, 28-Jan-2014

You can experience its enormous benefits

Namaste Mayank ji,

I strongly recommend your puja services. Kind Mayank ji, complies with any requests and their priests are extremely capable. Even for minimal priced pujas, you can experience its enormous benefits and improve your fortune. He is an originator of these services and keeps in touch with all priests. For the above reasons, I trust his services and recommend it to others.
God bless!
Yoko J, Japan, 7-Dec-2013

Your kind words were enough to spark me in the right direction

I thank you so much! I am so thankful, you are offering to help me! I thank you a thousand times over! I feel the weight lift off my shoulders, even though you have not done the rituals yet! Just your kind words were enough to spark me in the right direction. Thank you from my heart to yours. I am fascinated with the completion technique! I will do it every night before bed! Thank you for your kind thoughts! You have a beautiful soul! 

I feel blessed already by having help from strong souls like you! You are leading my son and me into positive morals, to have stronger hearts and souls! Helping me in my destiny!  I have not had such magnificant energy alone! It is so kind of you to give people whom are not rich the same benefits as people whom are rich! I feel satisfied with your blessings! I will gladly give my testimonial respectably!

God Bless you all!
- JJS, Canada, 26-Nov-2013

You have helped me keep faith

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Mayank Ji for all your support and guidance... in challenging times. You have helped me keep faith!

Your Puja services have been completed on time and products received in good time. I will always recommend you. May you always be successful!
N Butt, Essex, England, 22-Nov-2013

Excellent services offered

Namaste Goyal Ji,
We would like to thank you all for the excellent services offered. We are extremely happy with the way things went when we requested a Satyanarayan Pooja. We are completely satisfied and will be certainly requesting more in the future. We would heartily recommend your services to anyone who would like a pooja done.  May God’s blessings be with you all.
- Nilesh and Janhavi Atre, Waterloo, Belgium, 19-Nov-2013

It's a gift working with your good company

Dear Mayank Ji.

Your commitment to your word conveys and honors the teachings of all our Masters. It's a gift working with your good company.
- Enrique Cordoba, Colombia, 26-Oct-2013

Joe Vitale recommends

If you read my book, "The Attractor Factor," you might remember that I talked about an unusual way to remove blocks to attracting your desires.

I called it Karmic Surgery in the book and said I often used "yagnas" to clear old baggage. Yagnas are an ancient way to invoke the blessings of a deity for the fulfillment of desires. By means of the yagya performances, the result can bestow health, wealth, protection, success in relationships, business and career growth, etc.

Scott if you like, but I've been having yagnas done for me for over ten years now.

You might consider it -- and now is a good time.

There are two major festivals coming up that are prime times for yagnas, as the energy during the festivals is huge and bestows multifold results.

I would personally recommend to opt for their below services:

Pitru Paksha Shraddha Pujas: Online puja services to content our ancestors and get their blessings.

Navratri Yagnas: Special yagna services during the 9 days of Navratri festival

Have an open mind and check it out.
Expect Miracles.

Joe Vitale, 17-Sep-2013
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