Goddess Saraswati As per Hindu mythology, after the formation of the celestial universe by Lord Brahma, incredible mayhem ruled in-universe. However, Brahma felt baffled for he understood that his celestial universe was dispossessed of conception, order, and configuration. He made the epitome of art and wisdom when Goddess Saraswati came out of His mouth.

The Sanskrit word Saraswati is derived from “Saras” for example, stream in watery pools, and the postfix “wait” signifies holder. Hence, Goddess Saraswati is the epitome of the eternal progression of knowledge.

Saraswati refers to the Hindu goddess of wisdom, learning, aesthetics, and music. She is additionally a supporter of human sciences and arts, and the spouse of Lord Brahma, regardless of whether the Bengal Vaisnavas regarded her primarily the wife of Lord Vishnu. Saraswati is likewise worshipped as a goddess of learning in Buddhism and by some Jainism groups.

Saraswati and BrahmaMaa Saraswati is the spouse of the incredible Lord Brahma. Although in certain traditions, she was primarily the spouse of Lord Vishnu. 

Saraswati - the wiseImagine a god’s idol is prepared with all the hard work, but without proper adornments it will look plain and boring. That's how Lord Brahma felt. Although he created matter, however, found that it was deficient in structure. To cure the circumstance, Lord Brahma made Saraswati as the manifestation of wisdom. Saraswati assisted Lord Brahma in adding order to the universe. Simply, she decorated the idol by adorning it, which eventually prompted the creation of the sun, stars, and even the moon.

Marriage: Once Goddess Saraswati showed up late than expected at the most important Yajna that had to be performed by Her consort - Lord Brahma. The yajna had a custom that it couldn’t be done without spouse. But when she shows up, Goddess Saraswati became acquainted with the fact that Lord Brahma had just married ‘Gayatri’ to perform the custom. She got furious and angry and reviled Lord Brahma that he would never be worshipped again. Hence, Brahma is only worshipped in Pushkar city.

Significance of items She holds:
White colour: The goddess Saraswati is generally portrayed as a pretty lady wearing a crisp white saree and seated on a beautiful white lotus, which represents that she is originated in the universe of the Absolute Truth. Hence, she has wisdom as well as the Highest Reality experience. She is predominantly connected with white color, which indicates the virtue of real knowledge.

Lotus Flower: The flower Lotus symbolizes 'Ultimate Wisdom'. Since it's the only bloom that develops in the mud, however, it keeps itself segregated from the mud. Hence, if we adore the goddess Saraswati by comprehending her, it turns out to be more productive for us.

River: Goddess Saraswati signifies a river in the Rigveda along with the embodiment as a goddess. In the post-Vedic period, she started to lose her river deity status and turned out to be progressively connected with arts, literature, music, and so forth. According to Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati portrays consciousness, intelligence, creativity, cosmic knowledge, enlightenment, education, eloquence, music, arts, and power. Hindu people adore her for the "scholarly" and "divine" knowledge important to accomplish Moksha.

Peacock: Goddess Saraswati has often portrayed nearby a streaming river, which might be identified with her previous history as a river deity. Also, sometimes, a peacock appears adjacent to the deity and depicts pride and arrogance over its excellence. By having a peacock as the deity's mount, the Goddess teaches not to be worried about outside appearance and to be insightful about the real truth.

Veena: The Goddess Saraswati is portrayed as playing an instrument Veena that she holds in her forefront hands, which signify intellect and mind. The symbol Veena communicates that the seeker should tune his psyche and mind so as to live in ideal peace with the universe. Such amicable living empowers the person to use gained knowledge for the welfare of all humankind.

Swan: Swans are shown on the left-hand side of the deity depicts to have a delicate beak that empowers it to recognize unadulterated milk from a blend of water and milk. A swan, consequently, represents the intensity of differentiation, or the capacity to separate among good and bad or right and wrong. Saraswati utilizes the swan as her bearer which shows that a person must gain and apply knowledge with separation to benefit humankind. The wisdom that is overwhelmed by pride can decimate the universe.

Significance of Saraswati Puja :
Music & Art: Goddess Saraswati is the epitome of music and art. The deity supports all kinds of music art and we must seek the endowments of this deity so as to excel in all phases of life.

Peace: With her faithful bearing that exhibits knowledge, peace, and love for her followers– Goddess Saraswati is a delicate symbol of Maa Durga. Maa Saraswati is seen at the quite lake of the psyche, giving the tranquillity of quiet contemplation, which is important for today's relentless lifestyle, which encourages us to accomplish wisdom purity.

Knowledge: Especially students are motivated to study on Vasant Panchami, they must accumulate their books before the idol of Maa Saraswati so as to seek her favors. It is through wisdom that a person can vanquish the universe, which is the reason a lot of accentuation has been given to wisdom and knowledge in the lives of students.

How to worship Goddess Saraswati :
Take an early morning shower and wear neat garments. Prior to this, apply a blend of turmeric and neem paste on the entire body to purge one.

Spot a Kalash on a neat white plain cloth and place it at the worship spot. Remember to place Lord Ganesha's idol alongside Goddess Saraswati. Place Kumkum, turmeric, and Rice for summoning the deity to come at your home. Right away fill the Kalash with mango leaves and water and place a Betel leaf on it. Put a masterpiece, for example, pen, book, inkpot, etc. related to learning and knowledge before the goddess' picture. Likewise, offer hues to the Lord Saraswati. Lastly, chant Saraswati Strotam to worship the Goddess.


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