What is Agnihotra ?

Agnihotra is a simple healing fire from the ancient Vedas. Agnihotra is the antidote for all the problems we have created for ourselves and for the whole of Nature. Agnihotra isAgnihotra a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire. Vedic Agnihotra is the basic HOMA for all HOMA fire practices given in the ancient Vedic sciences of bioenergy, psychotherapy, medicine, agriculture, biogenetics, climate engineering and interplanetary communication.

Agnihotra (agni means fire, hotra means healing) is an ancient fire ritual from India. It is described in the Vedas, which are a body of texts about 300 years old. It was performed by orthodox Hindu communities, and is as such still performed by a small number. Different rituals were associated with it, and it was performed by a Brahmin priest. Brahmins are the caste of priests, teachers, ascetics and intellectuals. Vedic Agnihotra, like any ritual can be performed by anybody, as long as it is done with the right intentions and care is given to certain aspects of the rituals.

It is appealing to many people because it is not linked to any religion. It is purely a practice, an energy ritual which provides certain results. Agnihotra is a Vedic practice to prepare a special fire from sacred substances. In Vedic science when a substance was “sacred” this would mean that it had immense value to energising and purifying the atmosphere and our consciousness.

Agnihotra can be a great help in solving many problems in our present day world. Our world is presently in a bad shape. The earth has become widely polluted, animals and plants are getting extinct, and humans are still waging wars. The origin of all these problems is us, humans. It is more than time that we start cleaning up the mess we created, but even more important to change our consciousness and open our hearts. Agnihotra may clean up pollutants and heal diseases, but is us, humans, who have to change. The ritual of Vedic Agnihotra is a great help to do both.

Thousands of people all over the world have experienced that Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy, and makes the mind more full of love.

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Benefits of Agnihotra ?

The benefits of Agnihotra are immense:

  • Agnihotra brings clarity, focus and makes you stronger, able to accomplish and do things, and work on your inner energies.
  • Vedic Agnihotra relieves tension on the mind.
  • A magnetic field is created which neutralizes negative energy and reinforces positive energy.
  • When Vedic Agnihotra is performed, the Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation in the atmosphere and, on a very subtle level, neutralizes the radioactive effect. Nothing is destroyed, merely changed.
  • Sit at Agnihotra fire and breathe in the smoke, which goes quickly into the bloodstream and lungs. This has excellent effect on circulatory system and even more so if Agnihotra ash is ingested. The smoke has a good effect on the brain and nervous system.
  • Vedic Agnihotra is also done for healing, that is, people who are seeking healing attend the ritual, and notice the effects in the following weeks or months.
  • When Agnihotra fire is burnt, there is not just energy from the fire but subtle energies are generated and thrust into the atmosphere by fire - Much healing energy emanates from the Agnihotra pyramid.
  • Vedic Agnihotra has the ability to neutralize pathogenic bacteria.
  • Part of Agnihotra is getting into sync with the energy of the day, like riding a wave of the energy of the Sun.
  • Agnihotra benefits the person doing it, all those present, and the good energy extends for some distance.
  • Vedic Agnihotra has an excellent effect on the circulatory system.
  • Agnihotra benefits, both spiritual and mundane, for those who do it, are said to be enormous.
  • Agnihotra renews brain cells, revitalizes the skin.
  • Vedic Agnihotra purifies the blood.
  • Plants receive nutrition in Agnihotra atmosphere.

Agnihotra Homa Mantras

Sunrise Agnihotra mantra
Sooryaya swaha sooryaya idam na mama
Prajapataye swaha prajapataye idam na mamaAgnihotra Homa

Sunset Agnihotra mantra
Agnaye swaha agnaye idam na mama
Prajapataye swaha prajapataye idam na mama

Vyahruti Yajna
Bhooh swaha agnaye idam na mama (offer 1 drop of ghee)
Bhuwah swaha wayaye idam na mama (offer 1 drop of ghee)
Swah swaha sooryaya idam na mama (offers 1 drop of ghee)
Bhoor buwah swah swaha prajapataye idam na mama (offers 1 spoon of ghee)

Gayatri mantra
Om bhoor bhuwah swahah
Om tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dheemahi
Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat om

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Agnihotra Procedure

The Vedic Agnihotra process involves preparing a small fire with dried cow-dung cakes in a copper pyramid of fixed size and putting some grains of rice and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) into the fire exactly at sunrise and sunset to the accompaniment of two simple mantras.

A copper pyramid of fixed size is used in the process of Agnihotra healing fire. Copper and gold are the only metals prescribed for the pyramid container used for Vedic Agnihotra fire. It is common knowledge of all ancient traditions all over the planet that copper and gold have healing properties. According to science of HOMA Therapy there is only a slight difference between the healing properties of gold and copper when used as pyramid containers for preparing Agnihotra fire.

Vedic Agnihotra is tuned to the biorhythm corresponding to sunrise/sunset. You can practice Agnihotra in your apartment, garden, office or car. It takes only a few minutes of your time daily.
Agnihotra Kit
  • Place a flat piece of dried cow dung at the bottom of the copper pyramid.
  • Arrange pieces of dried cow dung, which have been coated with ghee in the pyramid in such a manner as that allow air to pass.
  • Apply a little ghee on the small piece of cow dung and light it. Insert this lighted piece of cow dung in the pyramid. Soon all the dung in the pyramid will catch fire.
  • You may use a hand fan to help the flame. However, do not blow through the mouth to avoid bacteria from the mouth getting into the fire.
  • At the exact time of sunrise and sunset when the offerings are made the fire should be fully ablaze in the pyramid.
  • Take a few grains of rice in a dish or your left palm and apply a few drops of ghee.
  • Exactly at sunrise utter the first Mantra and after the word SWAHA add a few grains of rice from your right hand (as little as you can hold in the pinch of your fingers will be sufficient) in the fire.
  • Utter the second Mantra and after the word SWAHA add a few grains of rice from the right hand in the fire.
  • At sunset do the same by using evening Mantras.
  • Agnihotra Mantras are to be recited only once and only two offerings given at each Agnihotra performance.
  • If you miss the timing it is not Vedic Agnihotra and you will not get the healing effect on the atmosphere or in the ash.
  • After each Agnihotra try to spare as many minutes as you can for meditation. You can sit quietly at least till the fire extinguishes itself. Agnihotra creates a medicinal and healing atmosphere.
  • The Vedic Agnihotra pyramid and the energy resulting from the Agnihotra process is best left undisturbed until the next Agnihotra time.
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