Why Yagyas from Eshwar Bhakti

Authentic Brahmins from Gurukuls, karmakandi priests who are doing pujas from last three generations.

We have successfully conducted: Ati Rudra Yagna, Vishnu Maha Yagna, Maha Rudra Abhishek, SatChandi Paath, Navgraha pujas, Shri Vidya, Black magic removal and several other poojas.

Ready team of 250 learned priests specialised in Vedic Shastrokat Pujas. Ready 9-11 Kundi Yagya Shalas.

We specialise and perform only individual yagnas. No group homas.

Call the priest during your puja and tell your wish (Sankalpa) over the phone.

Devotees Speak

Ekadashi pooja

Thank you from the heart for doing the Ekadashi Puja. Much love and blessings.

Natalia S., Russia All Testimonials
I am so excited

I got much more results than I had expected. I am feeling a huge positive difference physically and mentally. Will definitely be your customer for years to come.

Sanka , USA All Testimonials
Beautiful things

I want to thank you for your help and the beautiful things you are doing for the people. I am very thankful for the ritual service and the beautiful photos you have sent.

Joanna, USA All Testimonials

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