McAfee Identity Protection Service
  • We respect and value your privacy and the personal information you share with us, on our website, while booking a puja ritual service. To safeguard your identity, we have tied up with McAfee, World Leader in Identity Theft Protection.

  • With our Identity Protection service, residents of USA and Canada can avail $100,000 complimentary identity theft insurance for 90 days regardless of where your identity was stolen.

  • Identity Protection helps you cover the costs associated with restoring your identity if you are the victim of identity theft.
  • There is no limit to how many times you can receive the free 90-day identity theft protection.
  • Your repeat purchase are also covered, you can extend your coverage from the date of your most recent purchase.

  • On your repeat purchase after your coverage has lapsed, you can reactivate the 90-day service.

  • Five Steps to Activate $100,000 Identity Coverage Protection :

    1. After completing your order, you will be prompted with a message which will have your email address pre-filled and a button asking "Activate Now".
    2. Click on that red button to activate your protection.
    3. You will receive an email from McAfee with a link to activate your Coverage.
    4. Click on that link and select your residential state and set a password.
    5. That's it, your identity is secured.

    So, rest assured, your protection starts from the moment you place an order with us.