This Navratri, we have taken a vow to renovate a Durga temple (shrine). The merits (punya) accrued by restoring a temple are immense.

Temple work initiated on 1-October-2016 ! Jai Mata Di ! Scroll down to see photos of Work in Progress. Temple work was completed on 24th November-2016. Satchandi Puja was performed after the completion of the renovation. Watch video here:

FACTS about the Temple:

Presiding Deity: Durga
Other Deities: Ganesha, Shiva in the form of Shilvling alongwith Nandi, Ladoo Gopal Krishna and Kurma Avataar
Location: RNP Park, Bhayander East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Expected completion date: 24-November-2016
Actual cost: USD 11,000
Contributions received: USD 5,100 (shortfall is funded by Eshwar Bhakti)

Agni Purana,' XXXVIII, 1-50: Agni Purana states the merits of building and renovating a temple. Lord Vishnu described it to Lord Brahma:

  1. He who attempts to erect temples for gods is freed from the sins of a thousand births.
  2. Those who think of building a temple in their minds are freed from the sins of a hundred births.
  3. A man immediately takes a million of his generations, past and future, to the region of the deity.
  4. The departed manes of the person who builds a temple live in the region of the deity, well adorned and freed from the sufferings of hell.
  5. The construction of a temple for a deity dissipates even the sin of Brahmanicide.
  6. By building a temple one reaps the fruit which he does not even gain by celebrating a sacrifice.
  7. By building a temple one acquires the fruits of bathing at all the sacred shrines.
  8. By making one temple - one goes to heaven; by making three - one goes to the region of Brahma; by making five - one goes to the region of Shambhu; by making eight - one goes to the region of Hari. By making sixteen - one attains all objects of enjoyment and emancipation.
  9. A poor man, by building the smallest temple, reaps the same benefit which a rich man does by building the biggest temple.
  10. Those who decorate the temple with scents, flowers, and sacred mud, go to the city of the Lord.
  11. As long as the collection of bricks of temple exists, the founder of the family lives gloriously in the region of the deity. He becomes pious and adorable both in this world and in the next.
  12. Useless is the acquisition of riches to one who does not have a temple built with hard earned money, or whose wealth is not enjoyed by the ancestors, Brahmanas, celestials, and friends.
  13. What is the merit of him who, obtaining riches either by an accident or manliness, does not spend it for a glorious work or for religion?
  14. He is not born again on earth.

Works Required:

  1. Remaking the Gumbad (dome). Water penetrates inside the temple when it rains.
  2. Extending the surrounding pathway by 2.5 feet on two sides of the temple to accommodate more devotees.
  3. The walls of Garbha-Griha (sanctuary), and entire marble flooring needs to be polished.
  4. Creating an additional wall on the back side of the temple.
  5. Oil Painting in the outside area.
  6. The store area (below the deity's seat) is broken and needs to be re-constructed.
  7. Furniture for keeping temple puja accessories.
  8. Building an additional pedestal for Lord Krishna (at present He sits near Durga, see the pictures below).
  9. The inside walls need plaster work. Water seeps inside the sanctuary.
  10. The area where fan and bells are hung is rusted.
  11. The Pradikshna area wall has developed cracks and tiles are broken.
  12. Lights and electricity work in the entire compound.
  13. Tin shade roofing is required in the entire outside area.
  14. The upper structure of the temple needs major repair. Chips work is required.
  15. Silver umbrellas for the deity.
  16. Setting up a donation box inside the temple.
  17. Building a washroom and fitting accessories, near the temple premises. Setting up a water tank.
  18. Funds for daily puja activities of the temple and donation to the priest taking care of the temple.
Work in Progress

Tiling work in progress

Tiling work completed 

Laid new marble flooring ... polishing is due

Cementing of Dome completed
Inside the temple dome
Side walls are constructed
Renovate Durga temple
Dome work in progress
Extension of pathway

Initial photos
Inside the temple dome
Inside part of the temple Dome - water seepage
Renovate Durga temple
The temple
Presiding deity - Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga
The walls of the sanctuary
Temple dome
Temple Dome
Upper structure of temple
Upper structure of the temple
Deity Storage area
The broken store area and Krishna idol near Durga statue
Tin shade
Tin shade roof is required
Sanctuary walls
The walls of the sanctuary
Temple inside walls
The inside walls - water seeps inside
Crack in temple tiles
Broken Tiles
Broken tiles
Cracks in wall tiles
Light work in temple
Broken Lights
Broken lights in temple
Broken Lights
Lights in temple area
Missing lights in upper outer area
Repair and ;light work in temple
Upper structure needs repair 
Bells in the temple
Rusted area near bells and fan

After the Renovation is complete:

  1. We will share the pictures of the renovated temple.
  2. Special puja would be conducted in your name upon restoration.
  3. Donor's plaque would be fixed inside the temple premises (proposed).

We look forward to your generous contributions this Navratri: