Sahasra Chandi Yagna

The Sahasra Chandi Yajna is the most amazing experience that we can attain in life. It gives us the ability to cloister our senses so that we want nothing more than to sing and chant to the Divine Mother Goddess and worship her throughout the day and night. Chapter 13...Read More

The Sahasra Chandi Yajna is the most amazing experience that we can attain in life. It gives us the ability to cloister our senses so that we want nothing more than to sing and chant to the Divine Mother Goddess and worship her throughout the day and night.

Chapter 13 of the Chandi Path describes the Origin of the Sahasra Chandi Homam. It tells us of how the ex-king Surath, whose name means Good Thoughts, and the businessman Samadhi, whose name means Pure Intuitive Vision, propitiated the Goddess Chandi for three years after receiving instruction from the Rishi Medhas. Both of them attained to extreme bliss by virtue of their devotion and this unbroken discipline and the Goddess appeared before them in perceivable form to grant them whatever they prayed for. The benefits of this sadhana have been further proclaimed by the Varahi Tantra, an authoritative Tantric text which describes among many things the application of the Chandi, which says that the Sahasra Chandi Yajna will bring the ultimate wisdom and liberation.

The scripture Saptashati offers 700 valuable slokas divided into 3 episodes covering 13 chapters dealing with 3 incarnations of mother.

"Maheswari, Mahakali, Mahalakshmy, Mahasaraswathy expressed as Kriyashakti Icchashakti Ghnyanashakti" etc. Chandipath is recognised as a jewel of sruthis and a great Sadhana Sasthra, which has to be recited with great devotion and discipline in the method our tradition has prescribed.

The Kathyayani Tantra mentions the following benefits of reading Devi Mahatmyam:-

• Three times - to get rid of effects of black magic,
• Five times - to get rid of difficulties caused by planets,
• Seven times - to get rid of great fears,
• Nine times - achieves Peace,
• Eleven times - to get over fear of death, attention of the king,
• Twelve times - getting desires fulfilled and destruction of enemies,
• Fourteen times - to attract Women as well as destroy enemies,
• Fifteen times - Pleasant life and obtaining immense wealth,
• Sixteen times - to get sons and grand sons,
• Seventeen times - to get rid of the fear of the highest post official,
• Eighteen times - to get occult powers,
• Twenty times - for putting war to an end,
• Twenty-five times - To come out of prison,
• Hundred times - to get rid of great sorrow, banishment from caste, loss of life, salvation.
• Hundred and eight times - Fulfilling any wanted desire
• One thousand times - Goddess Mahalakshmi will visit him and he will get all wealth

The most rewarding and powerful Homam of the Divine Mother. Just like Ati Rudra Maha Yagna is the most powerful Homam of Lord Shiva. The Sahasrara Chandi Yagna is the best companion to the Ati Rudra yagna. Both these Yagnas can be combined to invoke the united powers of Shiva and Shakti and fulfill anything (so-called impossible).

The Mighty Power of Sahasra Chandi Yagna
Widely known and revered as DeviMahatmyam (Glory of Divine Mother), this cosmic hymn is presented to the world in dialogue form between Markandeya and Kroshtuki in the Markandeya Puranam. Though the great work was not authored by the Maharshi himself, it has simply originated from time immemorial and has been handed down over thousands of generations as is the case with Vedas.

"Yado vedo dhynadhirhi thadath sapthashathi smrutha " - says Bhuvaneswari Samhitha.
Sapthasathi has its main theme centered around The Supreme Shakthi and elaborates on the worship of the Divine Mother who created even the Gods and Goddesses. As propounded by the Tantra "Sakthi is the origin and source of all, nothing is there, if She is not there."

Lord Siva is able to perform His role only because He is combined with Shakthi.
"Shivashakthya yukto yadibhavathi shaktaha prabhavithum"

Such is the greatness of Amba, the Lokamatha that Adi Sankara in the opening verse of Sowndarya Lahari says that one needs to have a lot of merit accumulated to worship Her.
"Twam prnanthum stothram va katham akruthapunya prabhavithi"

"Yatha ashwamedha krathushu devanam cha yatha hari
Sthavanamapi sarvesham thathasapthashathistavaha"
Fulfilment of Sahasra Chandi Maha Yagam accordingly calls for such recitations for 100 times to be followed by Prayoga Homam thereafter.

SahasraChandi is performed to invoke the potential force of Shakthi to promote tranquility, happiness and general welfare in the society, warding off calamities of all kinds. In fact Mother assures us of Her power in the text itself.

"Aykayvaham jagathyathra dwitiya kamapara"
I alone am there in the universe, who is the second person other than me?"
Naturally, for anything and everything the universe is dependent on Her and seeks Her blessings even when they are devoid of desires.

"Janani jagatham swalpe kamepyayam thvayilambatay
Purabhithabaley madhye kamepyam thvayilambatay
Bhahulakaruney shreshtey kamepyam thvayilambatay
Bhagavathiparey veethey kamepyam thvayilambatay"
When She is worshipped and propitiated She resides in the house of Her devotees as Lakshmi, the presiding deity of prosperity.

"Lakshmi Vridhi Pradha Grihe"
"Yadadi vitham puthramascha mathim dharmagathim shubham."
propitiated the devotee receives enough wealth, good progeny, dharmic intellect and a very auspicious life here and hereafter.

Puja service includes: Kalash Sthapana, Braham Varan, Panchang pujan (Gauri Ganesh Puja, Punyavachan, Shodash Matrika, Navgraha sthapana, Nandi Shraad), Shodas Matrika pujan, Sarvotabhadra, Gauri tilak mandal, 64 yogini Puja, Shetrapal Puja, Durga yantra pujan, Durga Saptashati - 1,000 recitations, Yagna with 15 different items, daily food to priests.

Priests: 70 priests
Days: 9 days

    Eshwar Bhakti priests will perform Puja as per vedic rituals based on birth details. Please mention your birth details (name, date, place, time), & Sankalp (your wish) at checkout. This is a individual Puja (you may do puja on individual name or include your near and dear ones in the puja). You will be provided with the direct contact no. of the priest, to call during the Sankalpa/Puja. Know more about Yajna / Hindu Ritual Ceremonies / Online Puja Services .

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