Women wearing toe ring Women in India often wear toe rings after their marriage. It is also known as Bichhiya in Hindi. Women wear them in pairs in the second toe on both their feet. Toe rings are mostly available in silver. It is a symbol of showing that a woman is happily married.

In most parts of India, it is a ceremony conducted during the marriage function. The husband puts the toe ring in the toes of his wife. When a woman wears toe rings, it brings her respect, joy, and prosperity. It also depicts her responsibility as a wife. For people to remain healthy, it is essential to have our Prana or life force (energy) balanced. All the parts of Prana run down to our toes. When we wear a toe ring, it helps in balancing the energy flow through our bodies. It is a way of keeping our Prana active. Though wearing a toe ring is a sign of showing marital status, it is also a great way to preserve our health conditions.

There aren't a plethora of stories associated with women wearing toe rings in ancient scriptures or textbooks. However, there is a reference to wearing toe rings in Ramayana. When Ravana abducted Sita, she threw away her toe rings. Sita threw her toe rings as identification for Lord Rama. So, he would be able to rescue her from Ravana. Nowadays, in most parts of India, women wear toe rings as a fashion statement. Married women, who wear toe rings, do not often go for silver rings. It is essential to wear toe rings made from silver. It is because silver is a metal with the ability to remove negative vitalities prevailing in our lives. Most women wear toe rings without being aware of the benefits associated with them.

Akin to other ornaments and decorations that are worn by women, the toe rings have several health benefits for women. It is also part of Hindu customs and beliefs, which has long been in practice in India.

Significance of wearing toe rings: Most married women wear toe rings in India. However, Hinduism does not promote unmarried women or young girls to wear toe rings. But, in some parts of India, there aren't any such distinctions. Wearing toe rings has incredible social and religious benefits as well. Here, we will look into some of the significances associated with wearing toe rings.

1. Wearing a toe ring is a symbol of being married. The husband puts it on the toes of the wife during the marriage ceremony. A married woman wears it throughout her life. It is a symbol of her marital status.
2. Married women wear toe rings on the second toe of both her feet. Whereas on the other hand, unmarried or young women and girls wear toe rings in the third toe of both their feet.
3. Some beliefs state that wearing a toe ring can remove pain during their menstrual cycles. There is a connection between the nerves on the second toe of both their feet with the uterus of a woman. It is a notion present in Ayurveda. When women wear toe rings in the second toe of both their feet, it provides slight pressure to their toes. It helps in regulating the menstrual cycle of a woman and also ensures that she has a healthy uterus. Unmarried women wear toe rings on their third toe. It helps in curing any form of pain during menstruation.
4. Wearing toe rings has acupressure benefits. It is because toe rings can offer pressure to the nerves in a woman's feet. It is a great way to help a woman's reproductive system.
5. It is beneficial to wear toe rings made from silver for married as well as unmarried women. It is because silver is a metal and is also a good conductor of heat as well as electricity. It has the ability to remove any negative energies or vitalities surrounding it. There is a belief, which states that silver toe rings can help in creating sexual desires in married women. It could be yet another reason why married women wear toe rings.
6. In some parts of India, people believe that toe rings have a dual status. It means that it is symbolic of a woman's role as a sister to her brothers and a wife to her husband. Beliefs state that women wear toe rings on both their feet for the same reason. When a woman's husband or brother dies, she removes one of the toe rings. It is a way of suggesting that she would always gain the protection of either her husband or brother.

These are some of the most relevant significances of why women wear toe rings. Apart from these reasons and significances, women also wear it as a way of stating their belief in Hindu culture and tradition. It is also helpful in removing negative energies and also improves the flow of positive vitalities.


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