Why to avoid Hair cutting on Tuesday There are many rituals and traditional beliefs in every community. In India, especially in Hinduism, cutting our hair and nails on a Tuesday is inauspicious. Though there are many stories associated with it, there is no clear description available on the origin of the practice in India. Though many view these beliefs as superstitions these days, there are certainly many valid reasons that show that evading these practices can have positive benefits to our body.

In ancient India, people who performed different professions had different holidays. Barbers, or people who undertake the occupation of cutting hair, had their holidays on Tuesdays. Civilizations in India adopted such a system due to various reasons. They could be:
1. Based on convenience so that everyone can get access to services on their holiday
2. Religious or astrological concepts, which explain the problems associated with partaking in these activities on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

There are other reasons or stories related to the cutting of hair and nails on Tuesday. As per the Hindu belief system, each day is auspicious for a God or Goddess. We associate Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of wealth and prosperity, with Tuesdays. Based on that, people view Tuesdays as the day of income. People in different parts of India believe that they are not supposed to give away things or money on that day. Many view it as a kind of disrespect to Goddess Lakshmi. In several households, they abstain from performing regular cleaning activities such as throwing away garbage on Tuesdays due to the same reason. As per certain beliefs, the cutting of hair or nails on Tuesdays is inauspicious as it could be disrespectful to Goddess Lakshmi. It could invite misfortune to our lives.

Tuesday or Mangalwar is also an auspicious day for Hanuman. People fast on Tuesdays to pay their respects to Hanuman. Many believe that cutting their hair or nails on Tuesday could be a sign of disrespect to the divine power.

There are other beliefs associated with Tuesdays. In several states, people don't give away charities, loans, or money on Tuesdays. As people avoid conducting money transactions on Tuesdays, they often stay away from purchasing goods or services on that day. It could be due to that reason people don't cut their hair on Tuesdays as it involves money.

Significance of not cutting hair on Tuesdays: There are many reasons associated with the cutting of hair and nails on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Taking part in these actions these days can have a negative impact on our bodies. There are many ideas and rituals mentioned in religious texts and scriptures. The people in the olden days had a vast knowledge of our minds and bodies. They have formulated different concepts in Ayurveda, Astrology, and other disciplines to help ordinary people have a spiritually enlightened life.

There are many customs in different communities. They can all affect our lives deep. Here we will be discussing the significance of cutting nails on Tuesdays. Cutting nails on Tuesdays may be a bad sign and can have a negative impact on our lives.

In Astrology, the planets or the Nava Grahas in the solar system have a significant role in our lives. As per the notions of Astrology, we can divide them into Dev Graham and Dhanav Graham. We can associate Dev Graham with positivity, goodness, and happiness. We can connect Dhanav Graha with evil forces. When Dev Graham and Dhanav Graham come opposite each other, it can have some consequences in our lives. Cutting of nails or such similar actions can have a negative impact when Deva Graham and Dhanav Graham are facing each other.

On Tuesdays or Mangalwars, the planet Mars is close to the Earth or Prithvi. Due to their proximity, there is an increase in the circulation of blood through our body. Engaging in any activities that might cause injuries can increase the chances of facing them, especially on Tuesdays. Cutting nails and hair might lead to some injuries. It is one of the reasons why we don't cut hair on Tuesdays. And on Tuesdays, there are some special rays emitted from the Mangal Graham (Mars planet), which might affect our brain. Hair is a protective shield for our heads. If we cut our hair on Tuesdays, the possibility of getting affected by the harmful rays increases.

In Hinduism and generally in India, people avoid cutting their hair on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, due to several reasons. It is a tradition that has been in practice since the ancient days. Though there aren't many pieces of evidence in religious scriptures, legends, myths, and stories, it is a custom, which has a significant role in our tradition. Devotees don't cut their hair as a way of paying their respect to Goddess Lakshmi, Maa Durga, and Hanuman.


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