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In Hinduism, the Panchmahabhuttas are the five great elements of antiquity (ingredients of the material component of the universe). They include Aakash (ether), Vaayu (air), Tejas (fire), Ap (water), and Prithivi (earth). Hindu cremation ceremony is intended to dissolve the material bond (attachment) between the Atman (soul) and the physical body so that the Atman can have a smooth transition to the astral world, upon the death of the physical body. 

Through the power of the Vedic mantras, the cremation ceremony lessens the pain the Atman suffers when separated from the physical body. The cremation ceremony also provides psychological healing to the mourners of the departed soul.

The Hindu mode is that the sons or the sons of the nearest kindred must perform these parting ceremonies. As soon as all hope of life is given up, the family priest summons all the sons to sit by the side of the dying father. A lighted lamp, a vessel full of sessamum seed, a vessel filled with oil, a cow milk and its calf -these four must be given. These donations are considered to be most effective in washing away the sins of the dying man.

Then, follows the sacred bath the purify the soul and atone for this sins of the dying person - it is called the river or Sea bath, as the person dying happened to be near a river or the sea and fees are paid to Brahmans, who are supposed to perform the ablutions. After a funeral, everyone undergoes a purifying bath. A particular feature of the Hindu ritual is the preparation of rice balls (pinda) offered to the spirit of the dead person during memorial services.

    Eshwar Bhakti priests will perform your Puja as per the Vedic procedure.

    Performing your puja ritual with love and utmost care is our motto. We perform only Individual Personalized rituals. No group rituals. Here are the key steps to help you understand the process:

      You add a ritual to your shopping cart, after reading the benefits and based on your concerns.

      At the time of booking your ritual(s), you are asked to provide your "Name, birth details, Sankalpa and instructions" on the shopping cart page. You can also mention your Gotra, Nakshatra and Rashi details there (if you know).

      Immediately after the receipt of your order, we start identifying the most auspicious date and time to perform the ritual.

      An email is sent to you within 12 hours of order confirmation, which would comprise:
      1. Date on which your puja would be performed.
      2. Complete timings and duration of your ritual.
      3. Sankalpa time: When you can join us and pray for the fulfillment of your wish.
      4. Zoom meeting details for taking the Sankalpa.
      5. Mantra and meditation instructions to follow at your end.
      6. Dietary precautions on the day of your puja.
      7. List of some easy to get items, to take the Sankalpa.

      You can also email us your photo, at contact@pujayagna.com, to keep during the performance of your puja (optional).

      On the scheduled day and time, you can join over Zoom to take your Sankalpa (optional). You will be guided during the call to take the Sankalpa.

      Immediately after the successful completion of your ritual, an email is sent with photos/videos of the ritual.

      In case of rituals lasting over several days, you will receive daily updates over email, WhatsApp or Viber.

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