Chandal Dosh is formed when either the Rahu or Ketu planet sits along with Jupiter in the same house of a horoscope. Chandal Dosha is also known as Guru Chandal Dosha because the planet Jupiter is called as Guru in Sanskrit. Planet Jupiter plays a major role in the formation of this dosha but can be beneficial in some cases, when Ketu and Jupiter are in benefic positions in a horoscope.

guru chandal dosh

How is Chandal Dosha formed?: According to Vedic astrology planet Jupiter is called Guru whereas planets Rahu and Ketu are called Chandal (demon). Hence a combined placement of Jupiter with Rahu or Jupiter with Ketu in a horoscope is known as Chandal Dosha or Guru Chandal Dosha. For example, if Jupiter along with Rahu or Ketu is placed in the first house then it forms Guru Chandal Dosha which directs a person towards corruption, immoral or illegal activities. Similarly, if Jupiter is placed in the first house with an aspect relationship with Rahu or Ketu which may be present in the fifth or ninth house of a birth chart then it forms Guru Chandal Yoga which is helpful to live a pious and spiritual life.

According to experts, a person may suffer from evil effects of Guru Chandal Dosha. However, Rahu or Ketu must be in a powerful malefic position to afflict Jupiter and to form Chandal Dosha. It means if Rahu is afflicting Jupiter in a particular house then Rahu must be malefic and same applies in the case of Ketu.

Characteristics of the planets Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu:
• According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is an auspicious planet. A birth chart with powerful Jupiter helps a person to be liberal, generous, spiritual, social worker, and wealthy and also makes one a good politician or administrator. The auspicious Jupiter in a female birth chart makes her a good daughter, good wife, good mother, and a good motivator.
• The inauspicious planet Rahu in a male birth chart can make a person self-centered and sensual. While a female can be courageous and forceful. Usually, Rahu in a female’s horoscope makes her broad-minded and is inclined to have a bold and luxurious life.
• When a male birth chart shows powerful Ketu then he becomes spiritual and develops a philosophical mind. A female birth chart with powerful Ketu makes a woman very powerful, self-oriented, or independent.

Characteristics of Guru Chandal Dosh:
• Generally, the combination of the planet Guru (Jupiter) and Rahu produces malefic results. But these results depend upon the position and strength of the auspicious planet Jupiter.
• Though Chandal Dosh is always adverse, but the conjunction of other planets also play an important role to influence the positive or negative effects of this Dosha.

The effects of the Chandal Dosha: This dosha brings lot of problems to a person, and the following are some common ill-effects of Chandal Dosha:
• The person may face difficulties in completing his/her education.
• The person loses peace of mind and concentration which degrades his/her decision-making power.
• Disturbed mind causes insecurity in career and the person loses or changes job in a short period.
• This makes an individual inclined to indulge in socially and morally unethical activities.
• The person may fall into bad company and engages in immoral, unlawful activities and remain behind the bars.
• The person becomes so independent and stubborn that makes it difficult for other members of his/her family to live with him.
• The person will always experience a financial crisis and retaining wealth.
• The person takes various impetuous decisions which attract danger, accidents or injuries.
• Placement of Jupiter in an inauspicious house may cause chronic diseases.

Efficacious remedies for Chandal Dosha: The formation of Chandal Dosha in various houses of a horoscope may bring different types of malefic results. For example, the formation of this Yoga in the first house of a birth chart may cause problems like health disorders, poor lifespan, and hurdles in professional career. Similarly, the formation of Guru Chandal Dosha in the seventh house of a birth chart may cause problems related to marriage. There are several remedial measures available in Vedic astrology that can reduce or nullify the negative influence of Chandal Dosha:

• Consult an experienced Pundit or astrologer to perform the Chandal Dosha Nivaran puja.
• Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam and worship Lord Maha Vishnu to alleviate the negative influence of this dosha.
• One can perform Guru Vedic Japa and Homam to strengthen the auspicious planet Jupiter.
• Chant the Brihaspati mantra 108 times daily: "Om Braam Breem Broom Sah Guruve Namah".
• Consult an astrologer and wear Yellow Sapphire in gold to neutralize the malefic influence.
• Always pay attention and give due respect to parents, guru (teacher), elderly people, sage, and saints.
• Feed birds and animals.
• Donate yellow items such as turmeric, yellow gems, yellow sweets, honey, gold, etc. to brahmins/pundits/teachers.

Summary: It is very simple to understand that the conjunction of the planet Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu forms Chandal Dosha in a horoscope. However, the actual process of calculating the type and quantum of malefic results is very complex. According to the guidelines of astrology, millions of combinations are possible in a horoscope. Therefore, a person should consult an expert to know about Chandal Dosha and its remedial measures.

A person suffering from Chandal dosha could bear financial losses, chronic health disorders. He/she may not excel at academics; in fact, it may be hard to even complete the education. Happiness and peace of mind are almost lost under a strong Chandal dosh. Donations, chanting of auspicious mantras, performing puja and havan are some of the remedial measures that are quite effective to reduce the impact of Chandal Dosha.


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