Significance of Ghee Hinduism is a religion that gives importance to several rituals and ceremonies. Devotees regularly conduct prayers to gain the blessings of the divine entities. There are different elements used while organizing prayers. These include Kalash, Shankh, copper vessels, and lamps. Most of us use oil or ghee to light the lamps used in Puja. In this article, we will discuss the origin, meaning, and religious as well as the spiritual significance of using Ghee in Puja or Havan.

Different objects used in a Puja have a plethora of benefits and relevance in our daily life. When we light a lamp, it acts as a symbol of Tej or the Agni (fire) principle. It is a notion mentioned in the Sanatan Vaidek Hindu Dharma. A lamp would help us to ward off evil energies and move toward positivity. It also offers us peace and calmness. When we light a lamp, it provides us with the ability to move closer to the realm of Brahman or the Supreme Being.

Though most of us rely on oil for this purpose, ghee can have a superior impact, as per Agni Purana. Both oil and ghee can enhance our Sattvik Principles. However, oil can carry the Sattvik principle to a very short distance. Whereas, on the other hand, people believe that ghee can take it up to the heavens.

Many people find ghee expensive. So, they use oil for lighting the lamps. However, you can use sesame oil instead of ghee if you don't have ghee with you. You have to use ghee from a grass-fed cow because it is pure and has the deity principle within it. Lighting lamps with ghee in pujas during auspicious occasions or festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Dussera can be highly beneficial.

People believe that when they light ghee lamps during their pujas, it can invite Kubera, the treasurer of wealth, to your house. It helps to improve prosperity, wisdom, and happiness as well. While you are lighting a lamp with ghee, you can chant this mantra to gain more benefits. The mantra is:
Om Asato Maa Sad Gamayal, Tamaso Maa Jyothir Gamayal
Mrtyor Maa Amrtam Gamayal, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

Significance of using ghee in Pujas: Hindu rituals and pujas do not become complete unless we light a lamp. Whenever we start an auspicious or new thing, we always begin by lighting a lamp. It is a way of spreading joy, prosperity, happiness, and brightness. It also helps in removing the negative energy or vitalities present in the region. Ghee is an essential factor while we conduct pujas. We can use it in Prasadas and most often we use it to light lamps. Here are some of the significances associated with using ghee in Hindu pujas.

1. Ghee can improve our spiritual experience. It is because ghee focuses on Tej Tatva or the Absolute Fire Principle and the Vayu Tatva or the Absolute Air Principle. Whereas on the other hand, oil provides a connection with Prithvi Tatva or the Absolute Earth Principle and Aap Tatva or the Absolute Water Principle.
2. There are three main principles. They are Sattva (positive), Tamas (lethargic), and Rajas or impulsive. When we light a lamp, we are looking for the enhancement of our spiritual dimension. So, when we add ghee to it, it would improve our Sattva principle. When we are using oil, it can only increase our Raja principle. It is primarily due to the reason that religious scholars recommend the usage of ghee. So when we are trying to move forward and bring spiritual awakening into our lives, you can always use ghee as a better source.
3. When we light an oil lamp during a puja, two colors are visible. They are red and yellow. Whereas when we light a ghee lamp, we can also see blue color along with it. It helps in improving our spiritual well being and assists in attracting positive energy. Ghee, along with fire, can invite more powerful vitalities into our lives.
4. Our body has seven main Chakras. Their balanced existence is essential for improving our wellbeing. You can enhance their balance by including ghee in your pujas. If you use ghee, it can help with balancing Manipura and Anahata Chakras. When we use oil, it helps in improving the health of the first two chakras only. With oil lamps, you can activate only Surya Nadi. Whereas when we use ghee lamps, it can help in the awakening of the Nadi based on the activities you are taking part.
5. Ghee can improve the spread of positive energy and also enhance our wealth. It is essential to use an earthen lamp for this purpose. If it is not available, you can always use silver or brass lamps instead. You have to keep the lamp lit with ghee facing the East or North. It will help in imbibing more energy.

These are some of the significance of using ghee while conducting pujas. It is a way of improving positivity and spreading goodness in life. Always try to use ghee from a desi Indian cow for the Puja. You can invoke the blessings of Lord Kubera as well while you use ghee in performing pujas and rituals.

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