Root Chakra Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is the source of feminine energy, which is the real raw energy present in our body. It is the foundation of all the other Chakras. Its location is in the area of the coccyx at the base of our spine. It is the site that facilitates a sense of grounding, security, and safety. Root Chakra is associated with red color, and its bija mantra is lam. The element of Root Chakra is Earth or Prithvi. Lord Ganesha and Brahman are the Hindu gods connected with our Root Chakra.

Each Chakra helps in maintaining the health of a particular part of our body. Root Chakra keeps a person grounded by vitalizing our connection with Mother Earth. The openness of our Root Chakra can enhance our physical, emotional, and psychological health.

The Importance of having a Balanced Root Chakra: A balanced Root Chakra can rejuvenate a person and enhance our mind-body connection. It can help us to live our life fully without any fear or cynicism. A person with a balanced Root Chakra is stable with a sense of purpose and focus in life. He/ She would live at the moment rather than worrying about their future.

Lack of exercise, improper diet, and our other lifestyle practices can lead to an imbalance of our Root Chakra. The imbalance can either result in an overactive Root Chakra or an underactive Root Chakra.

Effects of having an underactive/overactive Root Chakra: The imbalance in energy flow due to the blockage of our Root Chakra can lead to several ailments like kidney stones, impotence, colitis, prostate issues, eating disorders, sciatica, depression, hypertension, etc. It can also cause feelings of uncertainty, excessive negativity, insecurity, anger, restlessness, and resentment are other issues faced due to the blockage of the Root Chakra. An overactive Root Chakra can cause anxiety, fear, and panic attacks.

Thoughtfulness is an essential factor in its healing. Recentring our focus onto the non-material aspects of life instead of material luxuries can aid us in overcoming its imbalances.

How to overcome the imbalances of Root Chakra?: Several practices can be adopted by a person to maintain or regain our Root Chakra balance. Some of the most important ones include:

1. Yoga - Yoga Asanas can help in improving your stamina and flexibility. But they can also play a crucial role in curing your Root Chakra. Some of the asanas to improve your grounding are -
• Uttanasana (Standing forward bend),
• Malasana (Garland Pose),
• Supta Baddha Asana (Relining bound angle),
• Virabhadrasana II (warrior two), and
• Janu Sirsana (head to knee, forward bend)
These poses, along with breathing exercises like Pranayama, can help in improving the health of our Root Chakra.

2. Meditation - Creating a connection with our mind and soul can assist in re-centering your Root Chakra. It also aids in discovering our aspirations and needs. You can meditate from a peaceful place, and it would be much better if you can connect with nature. Walking meditation is a viable option for attaining a bond with our surrounding nature. Avoid using any gadgets, especially mobile phones, when you meditate. Using crystal healing practices, sound therapy, and fragrance treatment while you engage in meditations can improve your entire experience.

3. Chakra Balancing ritual services - Invoking the presiding deities of the root chakra helps balance this chakra. For details see this link:

4. Aromatherapy - The application of activating essential oils can bring balance to our Root Chakra. Burning incense sticks or applying calming oils while meditating is highly beneficial. They can improve your mood and energize your Root Chakra. Some of the essential oils recommended for healing our Root Chakra include:
• Nutmeg - The oil from this spice can activate our Root Chakra and remove sluggishness
• Patchouli Vetiver - It is highly beneficial in calming an overactive Root Chakra
• Bergamot - The oil from the peel of this fruit can establish a smooth functioning of our Root Chakra.
• Ylang Ylang - This essential oil helps cool down an overactive Root Chakra. It eases nervous tensions and aids in providing relaxation.
• Myrrh - It is an uplifting oil that provides us with a feeling of safety and helps us to move from the material aspects of life.
Other essential oils that can facilitate the healing of our Root Chakra are lavender oil, sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon, cypress, and carrot seed. Massaging of these essential oils can improve the vitality of Root Chakra.

5. Crystal / Precious Stone Healing - The therapy and treatment, including crystals, can relieve stress and can aid in the flow of proteins as well as hormones in our body. Placing precious stones near body parts facing problems can improve well being and remove negative vitality. Some of the precious stones/crystals that can aid in healing our Root Chakra imbalances are-
• Bloodstone - It helps in freeing us from eagerness and forcefulness. It aids in living in the present.
• Tiger's Eye - It can remove feelings of dread and uneasiness. It is also beneficial in gaining clarity.
• Obsidian- It is a defensive stone that can act as a shield against pessimism. It also facilitates detoxification.
• Fire Agate - It intensifies our emotions and passions. It also helps us to stay grounded.
Though these stones can aid in cleansing your Root Chakra, you must always purify them with lukewarm water to remove any negative vitalities in them.

6. Having a proper diet - Food is an essential factor that can act as a fuel to channelize the flow of energy in our body. Different food items have vibrations that can correspond with each Chakra. Concerning Root Chakra, a rainbow diet, which includes food items based on the color of a rainbow, can increase our energy levels and facilitate weight loss. Some of the food items are-
• Vegetables - Beetroot, ginger, turnip, potato, onions, and parsnip
• Protein - Red beans, lentils, eggs, peanut butter, and tofu
• Harvest grains - Buckwheat, oats, whole kernel, etc
• Red Fruits - Apple, watermelon, pomegranate, raspberries, etc
• Spices - Chivesm paprika, and pepper
Including these food items can boost Chakra healing. Always appreciate the food you eat, and never skip your meals.

By incorporating these practices into your lifestyle, you can improve the health of your Root Chakra. Having a balanced Root Chakra enables the flow of energy through the other six Chakras.


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